What does it take to win €1M?

In 2023, the prize pool for L59 Pitch Competition is up to 1 million euros. The record-breaking syndicate is assembled by Tera Ventures and EstBAN, and has already attracted attention from all around the world, from Africa to North America and all across Europe. This year’s competition is going to be on a whole new […]

Vocal Image and Ender Turing share the win of the L59 Pitch Competition

The first place of the pitching competition of the Estonian startup and technology flagship conference Latitude59 was shared between the two startups. Vocal Image earned an investment of 250,000 and Ukrainians’ Ender Turing 200,000 euros. The investment was made by the angel syndicate of Estonian Business Angels Network EstBAN. This year, more than 2,700 people […]

The Biggest Latitude59, ever

This year, Latitude59 had a truly global scope with 2800 guests from 58 countries. Our main program presented 167 speakers, plus over 30 official side events. Over 400 investors and over 800 startup representatives were present, and they arranged precisely 2647 investor-meetings. Just imagine the potential impact for the local ecosystem, as well as the […]

Hiring begins with thinking through what success looks like – Ryan Savage, Inventure VC

Inventure Latitude 59

Ryan Savage, the Head of Talent at Inventure VC is advising Inventure’s 70 portfolio companies on HR and Recruiting matters. He has headed talent at some of the fastest-growing startups in Nordics (Wolt and Yousician), delivering results in employee relations, recruitment, capability development, compensation, diversity and inclusion, while working with leadership teams as a Business […]

Hedman and Binance to present cryptocurrencies and new technologies at Latitude59

Hedman, a new generation law firm for technology-driven and digital businesses, and Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, will present cryptocurrencies and new technologies at “Future Stage” at Latitude59, the flagship startup and tech event.  Latitude59 is the flagship startup and tech event of e-Estonia – the world’s first digital society. […]

Unlocking the future of health-tech in a catalytic era – a guest post by Certific

Certific Latitude 59

Dr Jack Kreindler is a co-founder and the Chief Scientific Officer at Certific, a health-tech platform that enables certified remote medical testing at scale. He will also be taking the stage at this year’s Latitude59 with his keynote, “The Future Of Exponential Technology In Healthcare”. Besides working on Certific, Dr Kreindler is a physician, a […]

Karma Ventures x Latitude59

Karma at Latitude59

Karma Ventures invests in early stage deep-tech companies in Europe. This year, once again, Karma’s support and expertise are integrated throughout Latitude59’s program and the official conference venue at Kultuurikatel. The Best of Baltics Karma is powering the recurring “Best of Baltics” segment of L59, taking place on Purpose Stage on Thursday, May 19 at […]

Is investing in small reactors in Estonia a good idea? – a guest post by Fermi

Fermi Latitude59

Who cares about energy?  Fermi Energia is an Estonian energy startup that focuses on the development and deployment of Small Modular Reactors (SMR). The company’s goal is to provide an opportunity to reach carbon neutrality with reliability and affordability to Baltic consumers.   The Small Modular Reactors that Fermi Energia is considering are currently being developed […]

Startup showcase by Mastercard Lighthouse’s FINITIV and MASSIV programs at Latitude59

Mastercard Latitude59

Mastercard Lighthouse will bring 20 startups to the stage of Latitude59 for a nordic startup showcase and the grand finale of the Lighthouse MASSIV and the FINITIV spring 2022 programs. As a technology-first company built around a strong network of partners, Mastercard understands how important partnerships are for growth. By building Lighthouse FINITIV, Mastercard seek […]

Why is health-tech still so challenging and slow? – a guest post by Verge

Why is health-tech still so challenging and slow? At Health Founders and Verge HealthTech Fund we often ask ourselves this question. Just days ago, the very first photo of Sagittarius A*, a massive black hole in the middle of our galaxy, was published by NASA. We can literarily take pictures of collapsed stars that suck […]

Why Future Stage? – a guest post by Hedman Law Firm and Binance

Hedman Latitude59

This year marks the 10th year of Latitude59, Estonia’s largest startup and technology conference, and Hedman is honored to be a supporter of Latitude59 for the seventh year in a row! This time we have prepared a completely new and unique opportunity for Latitude59 participants! Watch the future with us on the Latitude59 “Future Stage”! […]