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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

May 22-24, 2024 in Tallinn, Estonia

Latitude59 2024: Responsibility & Connection

The 12th edition of Estonia’s flagship startup and tech event
took place on May 22-24, 2024.

"We ourselves can take responsibility for how technology will shape us in the future and what the world will be like in the near future. The role of Latitude59 is to bring these conversations into the minds of the startup community.”
- Liisi Org, CEO of Latitude59, from the opening speech

Nearly 700 investors participated in 2024; the size of their managed portfolios was at least 30 billion euros (AUM)

Over the course of two days, 195 speakers were on stage at Latitude59 2024, 40% of whom were women

Among the 3500 attendees were 700 investors, 900 startuppers, and 92 journalists

What made this edition stand out?

Latitude59 once again put forth a €1M prize pool at the L59 Pitch Competition – with the help of Specialist VC and EstBAN – making it the largest competition of its kind in the Nordic countries and the Baltics, for the second year in a row. We extended our program to include 2 more stages (Future Stage & Podcast Area), making it 5 stages in total.

We rolled out our very first Press Conference on Day 0 for media representatives to offer insight into the ecosystem. Additionally, we took steps to fundraise money to help Ukraine, measured our ecological footprint with the help of Acento, and placed even more emphasis on diversity and impact. It was a year to remember, for sure!

L59 Pitch Competition's prize fund in 2024 was €1M

In 2024, Latitude59’s Pitch Competition once again broke records – a total of 526 applications were submitted, which is almost a hundred more than the previous year.

The L59 Pitch Competition finals took place on May 24, where 5 startup teams competed for the €1 million prize pool funded by Specialist VC and EstBAN. In the end, the judges split the prize pool between three different companies, awarding Beholder €600,000, AskToSell €300,000, and GaltTec €100,000.

The prize pool also included awards from Latitude59’s partners and community:
  • Representing the Baltics at the New Nordics Pitch Competition 2024 in Finland during Slush, in cooperation with the Silicon Vikings – GaltTech.
  • To keep up with the good momentum: coworking membership at Workland with a private office for 6 – Siffi; and 1-month hot desk memberships for up to 6 – Migrevention and GaltTech.
  • Jacopo Solutions’ “Strategic Success Catalyst: Two Days of Synergistic Workshop” – AskToSell.
  • Talenthub’s “Magnetic Talent Award” with up to €3,000 in credits for training, consultancy, and coaching with Talenthub to skyrocket the mission – Siffi.
  • Mooncascade’s “Tech Review Award” with €8,000 worth of credit to enhance security, optimize code quality or boost performance – Siffi.
  • Google’s €20,000-30,000 worth of Cloud Credits – Beholder, AskToSell, GaltTech, Siffi, Migrevention.
  • Infobip’s €20,000 worth of credits – Migrevention.
  • Credit by PRNEWS.IO – Beholder, AskToSell, GaltTech, Siffi, Migrevention.
  • NetGroup – GaltTech.
  • NexWin – Migrevention.
  • Fondia – Beholder.


A record number of stages

In 2024, we shifted our focus towards the potential of innovation. Instead of giving up to pessimism, we embraced the impact technology could have in the world. Our responsibility lies not only in pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable but also in ensuring that every advancement serves the greater good. At the heart of our conference were five dynamic stages, each offering a unique perspective.

On the Bold Stage, our biggest stage at the conference site in Kultuurikatel, the visionary discussions explored the forefront of innovation and pressing challenges in the ecosystem. The stage was organised into tracks to take a deep dive into all selected themes and topics. In 2024, Deep Tech was the definite headliner, supported by equally important themes such as Sustainability, Defense and Dual-use Technology, and Global Village and Diversity.

Hosts: Brigitta Sibrits & Hanno Ahonen

Entrepreneurship lies at the core of Latitude59, and the Founder Stage celebrates the spirit of innovation. Through founder stories, interactive discussions, and candid conversations, we looked into the trials and triumphs of startup life on the Founder Stage. The Late Afternoon Show with Matt Smith and Cristoph Sollich returned to illuminate the journeys of founders and leaders, while Pitch Confidential with Gleb Maltsev and Yrjö Ojasaar offered once again a candid behind-the-scenes look to the world of venture capital.

Hosts: Jaan Kokk & Linda Võeras

In an era of rapid innovation, this stage was the gateway to the latest frontiers, featuring topics such as generative AI, biosynthetics, quantum computing and beyond. We recognised the transformative potential these technologies hold, reshaping industries and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We also wanted to touch upon broader themes on how the future will look like thanks to technology. The discussions on future urban environments, future of nightlife and the future of work in the age of digital nomads took place on Future Stage in 2024. 

Hosts: Susanne Org & Mihkel Vetemaa

This year, Google was powering the Pitching Stage, located right at the heart of all the startup buzz during the Latitude59 conference – in the Demo Area on the 2nd floor! The setup was “silent disco” style on comfy beanbags and everyone was able to tune in to the hottest early-stage startups, pitching what they’ve got!

Hosts: Rannar Park & Kätlin-Carolin Noormägi

In 2024, we brought another addition to the family of program formats – the Podcast Area powered by SEB. A lot of good content is born at a conference such as Latitude59. Ideas are bubbling, synergy is in the air, great minds have flown to Tallinn to share their know-how and expertise. The official podcast booth gave the regional podcasters a chance to get access to these great minds and record an episode with a little twist, in the context of Latitude59 vibes and the conference buzz thick in the air!

L59 Official Side Events

In 2024, Thinking in Billions focused on how governments can offer a legal playground for experimentation – aka a sandbox – allowing companies to navigate through regulatory requirements while developing groundbreaking solutions. In addition to fostering innovation, the focus was also on resilience. Dual use in defence tech is crucial for both military and civilian applications, serving as a catalyst for innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

In 2024, we had the privilege of hosting over 120 venture capital funds and bringing together nearly 400 enthusiastic participants for the exclusive Investor Day and Dinner. We were particularly proud that 80% of the speakers on stage were women. The topics covered included cleantech, dual-use technology, defense tech, and the Baltic investment landscape, highlighting crucial talking points not only for our region but also for nearby tech ecosystems.

On May 22, Latitude59 welcomed accredited journalists, editors, and reporters to hear from Estonia’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Information Technology, Tiit Riisalo; the Member of the Management Board at Enterprise Estonia, Liina-Maria Lepik; and our CEO, Liisi Org. The Media Dinner also provided an opportunity to connect with colleagues from all over the world.

A word from our partners

Thank you for the support at Latitude59 2024