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TALLINN, EST: MAY 22-24, 2024

Karma Ventures x Latitude59

Karma at Latitude59

Karma Ventures invests in early stage deep-tech companies in Europe. This year, once again, Karma’s support and expertise are integrated throughout Latitude59’s program and the official conference venue at Kultuurikatel.

The Best of Baltics

Karma is powering the recurring “Best of Balticssegment of L59, taking place on Purpose Stage on Thursday, May 19 at 15:45. Opening words are delivered by Margus Uudam, founding partner of Karma Ventures – every year he impresses the audience with a thorough overview of what’s hot in the Baltic startup scene, from an investor’s perspective. He knows what he is talking about, so don’t miss out!

Karma’s intro is followed by a presentation of 6 fast-growing startups, representing the latest and greatest of the Baltic ecosystem. The top growth companies from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will talk about their journey so far and comment on their current challenges.

Karma Academy – 2 workshops for better leadership

Another solid tradition in L59’s schedule is Karma Academy where startups can hone their skills to reach further, faster. This year, Karma is presenting two practical workshops:

  • Karma Academy presents: Self-awareness – a key element in leadership success” on May 19, 11:10-12:00 (Terrace Hall) by Andrea Szabo. Notions like trust, feedback, confrontation and blind spots will be explored in this session. Andrea will share relevant research results, her professional experiences as a coach and useful tools. 

    Andrea is an executive, team and career coach. She works with leaders and talents from various organizations such as Prezi, Bitrise, Skyscanner, Telenor, Sigma Technologies, Nestlé, etc. Her work has brought her to projects in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and numerous countries in Europe. She has over 350 h of various certifications in individual and team coaching and has held managerial positions for 14 years before becoming a full-time coach in 2010. Andrea dedicates 10% of her professional life to pro bono projects.
  • Karma Academy presents: Common mistakes made in leadership hiring – lessons from executive search” on May 20, 13:45-14:35 (Terrace Hall) by Linda-Riin Võeras. Executive recruitment is one of the most crucial parts of any startup. You usually start bringing people in too early or too late, hire too senior or not senior enough, or sometimes you might just hire for the wrong role. There is no magic playbook that works for all, but there are some things that are worth bearing in mind, when choosing your most crucial partners for the journey ahead.

    Linda is currently an Investor at Karma Ventures, prior to which she spent several years as an executive search and leadership advisory Consultant at Gillamor Stephens, a deep tech and b2b enterprise focussed search firm in London. Her focus was mainly on early and scaling startups and high-growth enterprises in Europe and globally, working on board, c-suite and VP level hires.

Karma Matchmaking area and the Brella app

Karma Matchmaking area at the conference site in Kultuurikatel is where people can find new connections and set up meetings during L59. We highly recommend downloading and filling in your profile in L59’s official app, Brella – this makes finding you and contacting you among the rest of the 2499 guests of L59 much easier. The Matchmaking System within Brella, also powered by Karma VC, is a quick way to bring to your radar the exact people who offer what you seek – may it be funds, opportunities, or connections. 

In addition, Brella holds the entire program of Latitude59, across all three stages, so it’s a great tool for marking your favourite panels and presentations to create your very own conference schedule. How to get Brella? After you have purchased a ticket via Fienta on our webpage, please make sure to assign the ticket (aka fill in YOUR details). This will trigger the Brella invitation and you can access the app, and all the opportunities it brings. Get Brella! You won’t regret it.

Karma run

After all that food for the brain, Karma is inviting you to stretch your legs. Join the traditional L59 #karmarun at 7:30 on Friday, May 20, launching in front of Kultuurikatel. The organizers extend warm greeting to runners of all levels and confirm that everyone is welcome to join:

“We are pleased to announce that the #karmarun is back again to be part of your Latitude59 morning ritual. Come join us to discover Tallinn whilst giving a great start to the day, hopefully leaving you more energised for the event whilst making a few new friends along the way. 

The run will start at 7:30 in front of Kultuurikatel and will last for about an hour. The more seasoned runners will be going at a 6:00/km pace and the more relaxed joggers will follow at a more leisurely pace – feel free to choose the pace for you! Everyone is welcome and see you in Tallinn!”

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