Latitude59 – the place for startups to shine!

Latitude59 is the flagship startup and tech event of the world’s first digital society. But behind the long and flashy tagline, participants will be glad to find an intimate event with quality at its core. It’s the beloved highlight of the year for the whole Estonian tight-knit startup community. 

At Latitude59, startups land in fundraising heaven as each year almost as many investors as startups gather for the main event and its satellite gatherings. From Pitching Competition and Demo Area to the Karma Matchmaking and colorful program of Side Events – Latitude59 offers valuable opportunities to a startup at any stage of growth.  

Why attend as a startup

Giant conferences are cool until they’re not. Latitude59 is an intimate event with quality at its core. With almost as many investors as startups, so you’re in fundraising heaven. 

Pitching Competition

Through the years, Latitude59’s Pitching Competition has welcomed applications from all promising startups. Best teams will undergo startup and pitch training, followed by a chance to wow investors and the general audience on the main stage of L59.

Latitude59 Pitching Competition 2022

The prize fund for 2022 was juicy – over 400K EUR syndicated investment led by Estonian Business Angels Network EstBAN, as well as additional packages and bonuses from other L59 partners.

Read more about the Latitude59 Pitching Competition 2022: L59 Pitching Competition: Do you have the passion and courage to win €300K?


Latitude59 pitching competition is open for all promising startups. Best teams will get an access to inspiring mentors and investors, top 10 to the EstBAN investor syndicate and top 5 will get a chance to pitch on the main stage of Latitude59. This year’s competition will be the Baltic’s pre-finals for the Startup World Cup – the biggest pitching competition in the world.   

Demo Area

Demo area is the place to let your startup shine! Showcase your product in front of potential investors and customers, gain immediate customer feedback, conduct first-hand market research, receive media coverage, and more.

The L59 demo area is supported by Tehnopol Startup Incubator. The application form is available via purchasing a Startup Ticket (creating a Dealum account is required). Be quick – only 50 startups will be selected to showcase at the demo area!


The L59 demo area presented by Tehnopol is your opportunity to put yourself on the centre stage at L59 – we can only accommodate 50 startups!

Showcase your product in front of potential investors and customers, gain immediate customer feedback and conduct first-hand market research, receive media coverage and more.


They say good things take time? Not necessarily. With our Matchmaking system, you can cut through the fluff of generic networking and jump straight to the point.

The Matchmaking System is a quick way to bring to your radar the exact people who offer what you seek – may it be funds, opportunities, or connections. You can agree to meet online or at the Matchmaking Area at L59.

Matchmaking is powered by Karma.


Get access to quality investor and capital contacts. We will soon be announcing the first confirmed VCs. 

You will join our online matchmaking system, for an easy and efficient way to find your perfect match and agree to meet either online or offline.

Learn more about the e-services for startups.

Startups who participated at L59 2022:

ÖkoMotion, Infinite Mobility, WePower,, ForkNAV, OmusBridge OÜ, UAB, GoRamp, TEXTA OÜ, Gigimot, enty, Stardust, Mesensei, Edumus, PRIVATRON, Hoovi, 7 Flow, ZeBrandPaul-Tech, G-Bank, Studio Kapp, Navicup, Lixi Invest, Bankish, Flowquiz, GetID, CropInsTech, MINDTITAN, Panda Training Oyy, Remato, Geneto, Bob W., Eliko RTLS, FitSphere, .Life, Gul Technology/Eye Smart Helmet, Exaloan, Kommune Ibiza, DiveFM, Star Trade OÜ, SpinDrive, Deep Vantage, Rhombuss Mobility, Joyixir, Crowd For Impact, uScore, Zegners Finplan, Relaxo, Takatari, Floggy, ContentQuo, m AI doc – BV – Belgium- the ultimate personal health app+dynamic corona passport on your smartphone, Dialllog, Dwellet,, Katana MRP, MOST TECHNOLOGY, sonnefy, Dotty, VoxiAI, SimiaRoom, Peppela, birkle IT, LEGID App, Bitskout, SmartGuide s.r.o., Machineric, IFA PocketRelo, Planet42, Claivo, Odin, Dermtest OÜ, WeedBot, SoftComply, Renda Oy, Yaga, myEGO, VAELIOU, Papierdrachen GmbH, RoomMate S.A., Zumud, Initio Cell, SICCAR, forYou OÜ, Rendin, Uplify, Touchbud, Usable Thinking, STRONG Dome Home, Bunch, Vegvisir, WasteLocker,, Ari Care,, Viezo, Botteja, Cybeerly, Lura, KWOTA,, IPP, Ligalio, Hotelbuddy, Sellai, LightCode Photonics, Reiterate, TreebuddyEarth, Warren, Menken Trials, Reverse Resources, Rexplorer, BaseTracK, Luxuriya, Media Scope Group,, Snacka!, Klapp, Twisto, A Zip Company,, Paywerk, Shop-E One (TM), EnviRate, Cryptografic, IWill Consulting, Kaiku, eID Easy, bitPerk, Reverse Records, Supersimple, Uvodo, BackOffice, Ampher, Xpass, Cerebrum Hub, Mirko Solution, BWinW, Playfaire, TheraSync, Mecurus, Tikean Ltd, Praktikal, AlphaAR, GaeaOUAtaccama, Snapy, ArTora, Hypercell, Amazon Sellers Society, POINTSHIP, Werk, ImpoNexpo, C-box, Map My Crop, AISpotter Oy, meeow, Paradigm Shift, Migrevention, Formup, Gigpanel Ltd, Tred, Feel Holdings Ltd, Roble app, Dianox, ALMO CONSULTING OU, AuVe Tech, DaySave, ORDIN, Semantic Intelligence, Dillali, Cinergetik, CleverEat, CastRooms, Grows Global, Kohalt, ksebe, Vinolyze, Sporttiez,, AdCatch, Meet Future, Silklytics, Lunar Base, Marble, RedoxNRG, COMU Labs, Artano, Mintmade, Movitronic, Trudexia, Bloomcoding, Bidrento, Takumi DRIVE, Gamevertising, LawThor,, sd, Zaplify, Eliis, Sweephy, Planet Earth DAO, WiseDrive,, Vigo Health, Nothing Hill, Mindletic, Abillio, moduulo, SIA Got Fods, Enzymity, nuotwo, Watalook, Activate Health, Cubed, S.Lab, Happy Helper, Future Fashion, asdodas, wo2wi, Distantteams, Kernolab, RecruitLab,, SMALLS FASHION, VREACH, NO-CV, TranslateWise, Rentity, Agrieye, walk15, MAJ,, Facedapter.



Stay in the know about all things Latitude59
including price and agenda changes,
latest speakers and side events.

Stay in the know about all things Latitude59
including price and agenda changes,
latest speakers and side events.