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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

Why Future Stage? – a guest post by Hedman Law Firm and Binance

Hedman Latitude59

This year marks the 10th year of Latitude59, Estonia’s largest startup and technology conference, and Hedman is honored to be a supporter of Latitude59 for the seventh year in a row! This time we have prepared a completely new and unique opportunity for Latitude59 participants! Watch the future with us on the Latitude59 “Future Stage”!

Hedman, in partnership with Binance – the global blockchain company behind the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, will present the “Future Stage” at Latitude59, where experts will speak about the most exciting topics in the tech-centric world such as cryptocurrency, Web3, NFT, DAO and much more! Executive VP for Europe Martin Bruncko and Alex Odagiu – Investment Director at Binance (BNB Chain & Labs team) will attend and speak at Latitude59.

During the conference, guests will have the opportunity to receive a free NFT POAP – unique NFT badges, using the Binance app, and each POAP will have an additional gift (Binance swag).

The future of crypto world

Cryptocurrencies have already firmly entered the lives of millions of people. The use-cases pioneered by the first adopters are now putting pressure on more sectors to adopt crypto technologies and become more efficient and transparent. NFTs are no longer just pictures on the blockchain, they allow transmitting IPs, content licenses, tickets, and much more. Decentralized organizations (DAOs) allow for a new way for communities to build together complex and advanced services while remaining inclusive and democratic. 

We see more and more development towards community-centered solutions and services, for example awarding the community members, tuition for new talents, automated payments, and decision-making. There are several new investment models where the communities and companies are raising money via launching by using blockchain-based technology tokens and providing liquidity for investors. We see that there are more and more venture capital firms who are investing in crypto assets only and holding the assets in digital wallets.

Of course, besides the crypto world, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep tech companies are providing great new value for traditional businesses.

Hedman Law Firm works with technology companies that are attracting investments, creating innovative digital services, and expanding into international markets. We are believers in new technologies and business models and, in addition to providing legal advice, we are also one of the founders of LegalTech/RegTech start-up ourselves.

Toomas Seppel from Hedman Law Firm will be moderating the panel “AI progress in the face of regulation” on the Future Stage at Latitude59 on May 20 at 14:35.

Martin Bruncko from Binance will be stepping up on the Future Stage at the “WEB 3 & Crypto from early users to global adoption” panel on Thursday, May 19, at 11:25.

Come join the crowd!

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