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  • 16–17 May, 2019
  • Kultuurikatel, Tallinn, Estonia

The rites of spring.

The place to be for people serious about startups, investing, and the future of governance.

One day for stage inspiration. One for finding your match.

  • War stories.
  • Pitches.
  • Matchmaking.
  • Demos.
  • Party.
  • Hope.

There are no VIP zones here. No one's excluded. We're family.

  • Blossoms.
  • Food trucks.
  • String lights.

At a 1913 power station with a crazy-tall brick chimney.

700+people from 150+ startups
2,000+matchmaking meetings

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While e-Residency means you don’t need to travel to Estonia to enjoy many of the country’s benefits, Latitude 59 is the perfect time to visit. You'll get a glimpse of Estonia’s tech ecosystem and will understand why the country has earned its nickname of e-Estonia.

Alex Wellman
Head of Marketing, e-Residency

Past speakers

  • Kristo Käärmann

    Kristo Käärmann

    CEO at TransferWise

    London, Tallinn

  • Tim Draper

    Tim Draper

    Founder at Draper Associates / DFJ / Draper University

    Silicon Valley

  • Jeff Burton

    Jeff Burton

    Serial entrepreneur and builder of global businesses, Co-Founder of Electronic Arts

    Silicon Valley

  • Seth Bannon

    Seth Bannon

    Founding partner at Fifty Years

    San Francisco

  • Kaarel Kotkas

    Kaarel Kotkas

    Founder/CEO of Veriff

    Tallinn/Silicon Valley

  • Karoli Hindriks

    Karoli Hindriks

    Founder/CEO at Jobbatical


  • Shira Abel

    Shira Abel

    CEO & Lead Strategist at Hunter & Bard

    Silicon Valley

  • Vint Cerf

    Vint Cerf

    VP and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google, one of the "Fathers of the Internet"


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