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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

Latitude59 World

Be bold. Be the change. Build the world you want.

We are all connected in a global village. And that’s humanity’s biggest asset.

We believe that startups can change the world. Scalable technological advancements are the key to tackling the most pressing global challenges and making a positive impact in the world. Our mission is to connect startup ecosystems around the world, thus increasing accessibility to humanity's collective know-how, funds, resources, connections, and whatever else promising startups need to succeed.

L59 for Ukraine - act now!

In 2024, our team is raising €18,000 to send a NAFO Truck 2.0 to the Ukrainian battlefield. "As a startup community, we are responsible for leading the way to meaningful change in the world. So let’s act now and help build up Ukraine together!" - Liisi Org, CEO at Latitude59.

The past editions of Latitude59 in the world

On December 6, 2023 Nairobi, Kenya

Latitude59 Kenya

In 2023, the Latitude59 team launced the global vision & organized their very first official satellite event, Latitude59 Kenya Edition. Nairobi has a fast-developing tech scene and is considered a window to the African market for companies seeking to scale to the continent. Latitude59 Kenya Edition succeed to attract 800 tech-savvy individuals and built new bridges across ecosystems.

On November 14-16, 2019 Toronto, Canada

Latitude59 Canada

Latitude44 took place in conjunction with the Estonian Music Week event in Toronto, organized by the Estonian Studies Centre/Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU). The two-day event focused on startups/scale-ups and connecting the Estonian and Canadian ecosystems.

What are the next stops for Latitude59? We'll announce them soon! In the meanwhile, if you want be a part of the L59 movement, making an impact in the global startup and tech scene - let's talk! We love visionaries who dare to dream big, be bold and break molds.

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