Welcome to the week of Latitude59 2024

Latitude59 has a wide selection of side events offering a unique opportunity to explore the cutting-edge ideas that are shaping our digital future.

Complementing the main conference program, Latitude59’s side events are designed to foster deeper connections, facilitate meaningful conversations and provide invaluable networking opportunities. Keep in mind that many of the events listed here require prior registration, and more events will be added on the go. Let´s dive in!

May 20, 2024

EBAN Congress 2024

Taking place on May 20-22 in Tallinn, the EBAN Congress is one of the official partner events of Latitude59 2024, leading in Latitude59 for investors from aroun the world. EBAN will bring together 500+ angel investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts from around the globe to explore the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in the startup ecosystem. *NB! Tickets sold separately.
May 22-24

May 22, 2024

Thinking in Billions

Thinking in Billions is an official side event of Latitude59, bridgeing the gap between the public and private sectors. The event is brought to you in collaboration with Latitude59, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, Accelerate Estonia & Startup Estonia. Make sure to register!
May 22, 09:00

Investor Day

Investor Day is the perfect opportunity for investors to connect, discuss hot topics, and prepare for the upcoming conference. With a blend of casual mingling and an insightful stage program, Investor Day sets the stage for valuable networking. Plus, all attendees gain access to the participant list for easier connections and private meetings. *For Investor Ticket holder only, prior registration needed.
May 22, 14:00

Investor Dinner

Join us for an exclusive Investor Dinner side event, for Latitude59 Investor Ticket holders, this event promises an unparalleled networking opportunity. Pre-signup is required, so secure your spot early.
May 22, 18:00

Latitude59 Official Media Dinner

Media Dinner is the perfect introduction to Latitude59 for media officers and publication representatives. Registration link will be forwarded to accredited Media Pass owners directly. Be quick - the seats are limited.
May 22

May 24, 2024

fff.vc retreat

fff.vc retreat, proudly brought to you in collaboration with fff.vc member, Martin Villig. Set against the backdrop of serenity and nature, this exclusive retreat awaits you immediately following Latitude59, from May 24th to May 26th.
May 24-26