It is important for us to organize the conference in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. We have taken the following steps to be more sustainable: 

  1. We are producing as little as possible and reusing, what’s possible!
    1. We avoid disposable building materials, banners & design elements as much as possible.
    2. When producing swag and gifts, we are preferring practical, sustainable and local products and immaterial gifts. We avoid disposables.
  2. We use only reusable cups, dishes and cutlery, our official partner is Ringo.
  3. Free high quality drinking water is available for all the attendees. We encourage everyone to use their own water bottles or reusable cups for refilling.
  4. There are always vegan food options and plant based coffee milks available for attendees. Edible food won’t be thrown away, it’ll be shared with the team and volunteers, handed over to foodsharing organizations or donated for those in need.
  5. Latitude59 is aiming to produce as little waste as possible and a separate collection of waste is used in order to send as much waste as possible to circulation. Conference attendees, as well as partners, production units and the team are expected to follow the sorting categories.
  6. We are aiming for energy efficiency – we use as little electronics and electrical machinery as possible, prefer energy efficient items and switch off what’s not in use.
  7. We encourage Latitude59 attendees to arrive at the venue by public transportation, by bike and walking instead of arriving by their own cars.
  8. We are analysing and measuring our steps to a more sustainable conference. So the next Latitude59 will be even more environmentally friendly.  


  1. Tallinn is a very attractive and walkable city – please walk to the venue, ride a bike or use public transport (free for conference attendees).
  2. There is clean drinking water available for free. Bring your own water bottle and/or coffee cup. Clean reusable cups are available at the venue.
  3. If you have any waste to throw away – please take a moment to sort it according to given categories. 
  4. Consume reasonably! There will be very little swag and handouts available for attendees.
  5. If you have a spare lanyard at home, bring it with you instead of taking a new one at the venue. If you get your lanyard at the conference, leave it at the collection point after the event for reuse next year!