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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

Latitude59 & help99 join forces to raise money for Ukraine

We are all connected and humanity is our biggest asset. In the field of tech and startups, we can all have a much bigger impact if we join forces and collaborate.

“Latitude59 has been supporting the Ukrainian startup ecosystem for over three years. In 2024, we are elevating our efforts by aiming to raise €18,000 to send a NAFO Truck 2.0 to the Ukrainian battlefield. As a startup community, we are responsible for leading the way to meaningful change in the world. So let’s act now and help build up Ukraine together!” 

– Liisi Org, CEO at Latitude59. 

Ukrainian soldiers know first-hand the value of NAFO trucks – they are in great condition and can most likely drive 20,000 km without any technical issues. With your support, they can provide transportation for the frontliners to effectively carry out their mission and liberate Ukraine.

To procure a fully equipped pickup truck with night vision cameras and anti-mud tires, they require a total of €18,000. These essential features play a critical role during combat missions, ensuring operational effectiveness. NAFO Truck 2.0 marks the pinnacle of innovation, boasting an integrated drone jammer with the capability to neutralize drones within a 50-100m radius. This significant enhancement not only secures the truck but, most importantly, serves as a lifeline for the brave Ukrainian warriors on the frontlines.

Latitude59’s strategy includes forming partnerships with global and local initiatives to identify promising startups that can benefit from our network of investors and mentors. We truly believe that technology can make a real difference in Ukraine. Together, we can create a better world for generations to come.

In 2024, we are proud to have a dedicated Ukrainian demo area with 8 startups and a panel with a showcase of the Ukrainian founders. Startups showcased at the Ukrainian demo area during Latitude59 2024:




The Great Catalog


Banani AI



Beholder (the finalist of L59 Pitch Competition)

Check out the full program here, and be sure to stop by the Ukrainian demo area to say hello.

The participation of the Ukrainian delegation is organised by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine together with the Ukrainian Startup Fund and Techosystem in partnership with the European consortium Seeds of BraveryPresto Ventures and Lift99 Kyiv Hub.

Fighting the ecocide in Ukraine