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Latitude59 Program Update: From food tech & neuroscience to cyber security & AI

The program for Estonia’s flagship tech & startup event Latitude59 is taking its shape. New speakers include the Ethical Hacker Ralph Echemendia, one of the makers of the world’s first clean meat burger Peter Verstrate, world famous skater and now OnOff founder/CEO Taig Khris, head of SurveyMonkey’s organic growth Eli Schwartz and many others.

Latitude59 Program Update: From food tech & neuroscience to cyber security & AI

Latitude59 2018 will feature 13 different tracks divided between 3 main themes:

  1. Founders” theme will include presentations on marketing & growth and company culture as well as discussions on bootstrapping your company, making the most of your board, investing in SAAS companies and fuelling your growth through an ICO.
  2. Future is here” theme will have presentations and talks on the future of food – from clean meat to vertical farming, on AI moving from the hype to actual business practices, understanding how the human brain adapts to different technologies, and looking into the future of cyber security.
  3. Digital society” theme will have the Estonian president on board in discussing big tech, data & the fragile state of democracy as well as a discussion on the relevance of the nation state in the digital age.

In addition to the above mentioned speakers, we have a rather long list of awesome people joining us including:

  • Yosi Taguri, co-founder/CEO of MissingLink – an Israeli company building AI for developers
  • Merike Kaeo, CTO of Farsight Security based in Seattle
  • Robert Luciani, founder/CTO of LakeTide – the nerdiest company in Stockholm building 3D-printed robots, deploy DNNs on GPU clusters, and gib noobs in Quake1
  • Kathryn Myronuk, Advisory Board Member on Diversity & Inclusion at Singularity Universityl
  • Annika Helendi, co-founding CMO at DashBird, ex-CEO at Teamweek
  • Ivo Malm, co-founder/CEO of Autobahn
  • René Mõttus, lecturer & researcher on various topics related to human personality at University of Edinburgh
  • Olga Steidl, Berlin-based managing director of Skyroam for Europe, Middle-East & Africa
  • Dr. Aro Velmet, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Southern California.

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In addition to the conference program, Latitude59 2018 will also feature:

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About Latitude59

Latitude59 takes place in Tallinn on May 24 – 25 2018. Tickets for €99 – €259 are available from The prices will increase on April 10th.

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