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Food Technology: the Future of Food is Here

This also brings up the problem of water scarcity. Many of the water systems that feed the global population and keep ecosystems thriving have become very stressed. At our current consumption rate, there is a high probability that two-thirds of the global population will face water shortages by 2025.

With such finite non-renewable resources, we have to look at alternative ways of growing, producing and obtaining food, which brings us to the use of technology in food production. We need to leverage on technology and innovation to improve our ways of food production to ensure that future generations have access to safe, nutritious, sustainable, affordable and high-quality foods.

So how is technology changing food production and who are some of the people working on this? Come meet them and find out more at Latitude59 2018!

Seth Bannon – Founding Partner at Fifty Years

Seth is a Founding Partner at Fifty Years, a seed fund that backs entrepreneurs solving the world’s biggest problems with technology. He has invested in a range of businesses shaping the world for the better – from a venture engineering microbes to produce industrial chemicals sustainably, to a company building small satellites to cover the earth with Internet, to an undertaking that is making apparel manufacturing ethical by simplifying its process.

Fifty Years was one of the first investors in Memphis Meats, a startup that is producing real meat from animal cells without having to breed and slaughter animals. Memphis Meats has since been backed by some of the world’s most influential funds such as DFJ and Atomico and by influential people like Richard Branson and Bill Gates.

Päivi Juolahti – Director at Renewal, Fazer

Päivi heads Fazer Lab – Fazer’s arm for transformative research and innovation. Päivi is keen on taking the lean startup methodology, design thinking, open innovation and start-up collaboration into a wider use at Fazer to generate new growth engines for the company.

Päivi is also leading a major research and new business development programme called Fazer Brainhow. Fazer Brainhow creates science-based understanding of the impact of nutrition, sleep, and mental and physical exercise on our cognitive performance and well-being. Based on this understanding, Fazer aims to create new product and service innovations together with partners in an ever-evolving ecosystem.

Marc De Speville – Founder at Strategic Food Retail

Having been in the retail business for over 20 years now, Marc helps major food retailers in Europe and the US take the bigger, bolder steps necessary to respond more effectively to the accelerating pace of change. He combines out-of-the-box thinking with a deep understanding of the economics of the business and is actively involved in the development of a number of truly innovative high tech and high touch solutions. He is a regular speaker and moderator at major industry events, including Shoptalk, the World Retail Congress, the Consumer Goods Forum CEO Summit and FMI Connect.

Peter Verstrate – CEO at MosaMeat

Peter is a consultant and food scientist with over 25 years of working experience in the food industry. After holding several senior positions in the processed meat industry Peter started as a self-employed consultant in 2009. He holds a master degree in food technology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

In 2004, Peter represented his company in a Dutch government funded research project into the development of In Vitro cultured meat. Teaming up with Prof. Mark Post he was also involved with the production of the first hamburger from cultured meat, presented in 2013 in London.

In 2016, with Maastricht University and Mark Post, Peter founded MosaMeat, a company that aims to continue the research and development of the cultured meat process, make the product competitive and consequently spread the technology.

What else to expect at Latitude59 2018?

At Latitude59 2018, we’ll be exploring 3 main themes: “founders”, “future is here” and “digital society” across 13 different tracks. We’ll also be having a new and improved Demo Area, a pitch competition organized in partnership with the Estonian Business Angels’ Network and a host of side events. Get your ticket now and come join us this May 24-25 in Tallinn!

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