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TALLINN, EST: MAY 22-24, 2024

B-Hive in Tallinn: Connecting Belgium with the Baltic States

And because it’s especially important to partner with local hubs who have the best knowledge on the region with an active community, they’re excited to come to Tallinn, Estonia, from May 23-25 as part of their roadshow.

This roadshow stop will not only help them and their community learn more about the Baltic States, but also allow them to connect with its local stakeholders. That’s why, alongside Latitude59, they’re are organizing the following events at the conference:

  • May 24 – Workshop on Scaling @ 15:00-17:00

    Launching a new business is very exciting! At one point, you will probably be looking to scale it. But when do you start your expansion? And how can you do it effectively? Jurgen Ingels, B-Hive co-founder, will share his tips for entrepreneurs, with a focus on scale-ups and lessons learned from scaling businesses. This session is open to all.

    Jurgen Ingels was the founder and CFO of Clear2Pay, a leading payments technology company. Under his leadership, he grew the company to one of the world leaders in payment software with more than 1,200 employees in 14 countries and successfully sold the business to FIS for 400 million euro in October 2014. He has founded several other companies in recent years, including NG Data, The Glue and B-Hive. He is currently a managing partner of Smartfin Capital.

    Count me in!

  • May 25 – Breakfast Networking & Pitching @ 9:15-11:15

    In this breakfast networking and pitching session, they would like to invite local corporates to come and hear pitches from B-Hive members through matchmaking. This is an excellent opportunity for B-Hive members who are interested in expanding their businesses to meet corporates in the Baltic region, and for local corporates to discover new & innovative tech-for-fin companies in the Benelux region and see what the B-Hive community is all about!

    I want to join!

If you are interested in expanding to Belgium, B-Hive is also organizing a full Digital Week on September 24-30!

**This is a guest blog post by B-Hive, a partner and sponsor of Latitude59 2018.

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