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Make Meaningful Conversations at the Tehnopol Matchmaking Area!

This year, all startups, investors and innovation-seekers will meet at Tehnopol Matchmaking Universe at Latitude59 2018!

Make Meaningful Conversations at the Tehnopol Matchmaking Area!

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Powered by the Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, this year’s investor-startup matchmaking area makes meeting the right people easier than ever. With 15 years of experience in boosting technology-based entrepreneurship in Estonia, and bringing scientists and entrepreneurs together, Tehnopol sure knows the secrets of a good conversation. From Skype to their own Startup Incubator, Tehnopol’s campus hosts nearly 200 companies.

So they’re bringing their knowledge to you at the Tehnopol matchmaking area this year – making it one of the best places at Latitude59 to meet, mingle and create meaningful connections.

You can also come and check out if your startup is somehow related to outer space and apply for a €50K grant. Or if you are into the business of green tech, Tehnopol can help you to get into the fantastic Highway accelerator where you can get funding of up to €150K.

Not into space or green tech? Perhaps your perfect match is abroad! Then you ought to come and see how Tehnopol can help fly you to Paris, Berlin or Barcelona. With the support of their Access2Europe project, they can help your startup grow and enter new foreign markets.

Tehnopol is also hosting a panel discussion that takes place on Thursday, May 24 at their matchmaking area. The discussion will “take a look at the wild side” from the Estonian view and from the experiences of the world’s startup hubs. So come and find out more about these wholehearted experiences from 13:00-14:00 on Floor 0 – right at the place where some of the most meaningful interactions for many startups happen.

Do join their matchmaking area and get a glimpse of the Tehnopol universe! Located on Floor 0 and right next to the yellow stages, they are creating a buzzing atmosphere right at the heart of Kultuurikatel.

Get Brella, the official Latitude59 matchmaking app, and start arranging your meetings. Who knows what the honeypot holds!

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