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Get a Taste of a Token Economy!

This year at Latitude59 2018, we’re working together with blockhive to bring you a fun side activity at the conference: Get a taste of a token economy by collecting ESTY tokens to exchange for hash power from their mining facilities!

Get a Taste of a Token Economy!


The Internet has changed the way we gather information over the past three decades. With the help of blockchain technology, we have now entered an era of where value can be exchanged more easily. blockhive would like to show you how a tokenized economy works by giving away ESTY tokens that are loyalty points for blockhive’s eesty wallet at the conference.

Find out a bit more about what blockhive does with blockchain here >

What’s happening?

blockhive is offering participants the opportunity to collect ESTY tokens through their eesty wallet during the two days of Latitude59. These tokens can be accumulated over time and subsequently exchanged for hash power from their mining facilities, among other things.

How to collect ESTY tokens

  1. Download eesty wallet and sign up for an account

  2. Visit startups at the Startup Demo Area and talk to them

    1. For each startup booth you talk to, you will get 10 ESTY tokens.

    2. The tokens can be collected by using the eesty wallet to enter a six-digit code at each booth.

  3. When you’ve collected 30 ESTY tokens, you can visit the blockhive booth and exchange for a special drink

  4. Continue accumulating ESTY tokens by using the eesty wallet after and eventually be able to exchange for hash power from their mining facilities

What can ESTY tokens be used?

ESTY tokens can be used to exchange for the hash power of blockhive’s mining facilities.

The more you use the eesty wallet, the more ESTY tokens you can get. You can also use it for services or products of affiliated companies that are free of charge or at a discount in the near future.

How many ESTY tokens do you need to get to exchange for hash power eventually?

The maximum tokens you can get is 500 ESTY tokens (10 ESTY tokens per startup booth x 50 booths). With 500 ESTY tokens, you can exchange it with 100 KH/s (which is 100,000 hash per second), and that is equivalent to a couple of euros* a year based on the market rate.

*Note: The above is an estimate based on the market rate which fluctuates on a regular basis. The actual outcome may vary due to the price of cryptocurrencies and mining difficulty.

What is eesty wallet?

eesty is a digital smart wallet that is designed with a vision of the future in mind. Think of it as having a bank branch in your pocket. Not only it enables users to manage all their digital assets in one place, but also return on investment, and passive income can be transferred to your wallet automatically. Users of eesty can hold, send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Who is blockhive?

blockhive is an Estonia-based company with roots in Japan. It uses blockchain to create practical and innovative solutions for companies, helping them unlock new markets. Its four core businesses include eesty and mining facilities in Estonia. The company has also created a new fundraising structure called Initial Loan Procurement (ILP) under Tokenote, a joint venture between blockhive and its partner Agrello. It is a unique fundraising method using legally binding smart loan agreement. It enables traditional companies, organizations, and even municipal government to raise capitals needed to grow or build infrastructure. blockhive also incubates and invests in projects that have the potential to benefit from the blockchain technology under e-Best venture, our investment arm.

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