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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

A dive into the program & tracks of Latitude59 2024 – Kai Isand, the Head of Program

Kai Isand
Head of Program at Latitude59 2024

As we have a month to go until Latitude59 2024, I am so excited to lift the curtain a little and reveal what we have planned for you in this year’s program. With a few months of intense exploration of minds and ideas, it is such a great moment to see the puzzle coming together. With our main themes of Connection & Responsibility guiding me, this year’s conference forgets the challenges of the past, embracing the promise of disruptive technologies and collective action.

Last year tested our resilience as we grappled with crises on multiple fronts. But this year, we shift our focus towards the potential of innovation. Instead of giving up to pessimism, we embrace the potential of technology. Our responsibility lies not only in pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable but also in ensuring that every advancement serves the greater good. At the heart of our conference are four dynamic stages, each offering a unique perspective.

The Bold Stage

On the Bold stage, our biggest stage at the conference site in Kultuurikatel, the visionary discussions explore the forefront of innovation and pressing challenges in the ecosystem. The stage is organised into tracks, once again, so you could take time for a deep dive into the selected themes and topics you are interested in. Deep tech is our headlining topic and we will delve into the deeply interconnected ecosystem. We will be celebrating people driving change towards a greener future in the Sustainability track. We will talk about the growing landscape of Defence and Dual-use Tech where entrepreneurship meets national security.

Personally, I am extra excited about our Global Village track. After spending a month in Kenya last year, I’m firstly just excited to welcome our new connections in Tallinn. But also, I am a big believer in the power of connection and cooperation and the discussions are all set around a world without borders.

I’m also inspired and very much looking forward to our Diversity track. The keyword “allyship” has stuck with me recently and I love how it is manifesting more and more in the community unlocking diversity in all categories. This time the Female Founders Meetup is presenting a manifesto on stage what the ecosystem can do to build more allyship.

I also think that the deep tech ecosystem track will be a highlight. In recent months, I have had so many discussions on our shared vision of the Nordic Deep Tech Valley and the mission to build 500 deep tech startups in Estonia by 2030. I admire how Estonia is ready to gather our resources and best skill to make this story a reality. You will meet many of those amazing people on stage – they are not afraid to make bold promises and take action.

The Late Afternoon Show will be back in 2024 - with a few surprises!

The Founder Stage

Entrepreneurship lies at the core of Latitude59, and the Founder stage celebrates the spirit of innovation. Through founder stories, interactive discussions, and candid conversations, we dive into the trials and triumphs of startup life. The Late Afternoon Show returns to illuminate the journeys of founders and leaders, while Pitch Confidential offers a behind-the-scenes look at the world of venture capital.

I don’t want to give it all away yet but the Late Afternoon Show will be a banger this year. We have been working with the host Matt to add some upgrades to the already perfect show. But mostly it is about the stories from founders that I am excited about, people building amazing things – this year mostly thought about international founders to come share their experience. By popular demand, we are also bringing back back Yrjo and Gleb with their Pitch Confidential – I love those candid conversations with VCs.

The Future Stage

In an era of rapid innovation, this stage is your gateway to the latest frontiers, featuring topics such as generative AI, biosynthetics, quantum computing and beyond. We recognise the transformative potential these technologies hold, reshaping industries and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We also want to touch upon broader themes on how the future will look like thanks to technology. Expect discussions on future urban environments, future of nightlife and the future of work in the age of digital nomads.

The Pitching Stage, powered by Google

Our Pitching Stage – powered by Google – is a celebration of grassroots innovation, showcasing the brightest startups from the region. With Google at the helm, this year’s showcase promises to shine a spotlight on emerging talent and groundbreaking ideas.

We have a few more surprises up our sleeve but cannot reveal everything at once. Today, I’m so thrilled we are revealing the first look at the agenda and the tracks. These topics bring together bold thinkers, visionaries and changemakers. While we are still writing up panel descriptions and headlines, you can already have a look at the timeline and start making plans. 

So join us on this journey and may your curiosity be fed, your thoughts provoked and big questions asked.
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