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The 6 Startups Pitching for One Million Euros

Just 6 months ago we rolled out the L59 Pitch Competition for 2023 with Tera Ventures and EstBAN. The announcement attracted close to 400 applicants. Just 10% were selected to pitch at the prefinals. And now we’re down to six – the six startups that will get on the stage at L59 Pitch Competition finals and do their very best to take a HUGE bite out of that 1 000 0000 euro prize pool! 

The finals will take off on the Bold Stage at Kultuurikatel during Latitude59 2023. Want to cheer for your favourites and witness the strongest startups of this year’s competition give their boldest pitches? Be there on May 26 at 15:00!

The startups pitching at the L59 Pitch Competition Finals in 2023:

    1. ÄIO Tech – ÄIO uses biotechnology to produce innovative fats and oils from industrial side streams (like sawdust or straw) to replace palm oil, animal fats and other non-sustainable oils.
    2. Flowstep – Flowstep is a UX co-pilot that helps you design better products, faster.
    3. Cino – Cino is a virtual card that splits bills, you only ever pay your share. Not a joint account or a pre-paid card.
    4. Mifundo – Mifundo develops an AI-based platform which makes cross-border lending possible for the banks and consumers in EU.
    5. Praktikal – Praktikal is developing an educational ecosystem to inspire future engineers by empowering teachers.
    6. Moliri – Moliri is building solar power stations in space and beaming green electricity to Earth to solve Europe’s energy crisis.

The high level of this year’s competitors is demonstrated in the fact that the jury simply couldn’t narrow the list down to final 5, as is traditional. Which means that all 6 will head to the finals. ” It is very cool to see that companies are developing ground-breaking solutions in very different fields, and among the founders there are those with long-term business experience, teachers, and people with a research background. Today, it is still very difficult to say which of them will secure a syndicated investment,” said Triin Ilves, the head of Startup Relations at Latitude59.

We’ll just have to wait a bit longer to see who wins, the finals will take off on May 26 at 15:00 on the Bold Stage at Latitude59 2023. While the audience can count on a memorable showcase, EstBAN, Tera Ventures and all our other judges have a tough job ahead!

See you there!

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