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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

Presenting the LHV FinTech Corner at Latitude59 2018

One of Latitude59’s many valued partners, LHV is certainly Estonia’s coolest, most innovative and biggest domestic financial group. Case in example? They love collaborating with new generation fintech companies to make everyone’s financial lives easier:

  • Their partnership with Transferwise lets you send international payments directly from LHV with no intermediary charges
  • Their backing of Cuber allows you to perform instant, secure and free mobile payments in any currency
  • Their collaboration with EveryPay offers you an innovative, reliable and secure solution for the receipt of card payments, both online and in mobile applications

In case you haven’t heard, they’ve also set up shop in London to service the UK’s thriving fintech market! In line with this highly innovative culture of theirs, they’ll be hosting 5 up-and-coming fintech startups at their LHV FinTech corner alongside their own products, services, latest innovations and activities.

The 5 fintech startups who will be showcased at the LHV FinTech corner are:

  • Paytailor
  • LeapIN
  • EstateGuru
  • Funderbeam


Paytailor is a powerful mobile payments platform that makes payments easier, faster and more beneficial in a super secure way. Their cloud-based payment platform converts payment-related problems fuelled by cash or bank card infrastructure into a seamless digital experience for both merchants and their customers. lets you easily manage your expense documents. It helps you gather your expense documents, digitize and send them on their way to your accounting software automatically. And retain them for 7 years!


LeapIN is a turn-key solution to start and remotely run your location-independent company online, in Estonia and Europe. They handle incorporation, accounting, taxes and compliance.


EstateGuru is an online peer-to-peer (p2p) marketplace for secured property loans where users can borrow from and invest capital to each other to fund real estate projects.


Funderbeam is introducing tradable private investments to the world. They allow investors to access fast, standardized deals in highly curated companies that can be instantly traded. Founders can raise funds to fuel their growth from both retail and professional investors in more than 100 countries. Furthermore, Funderbeam provides a free to use data intelligence tool, giving valuable insights for both founders and investors.

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