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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

Our Bigger, Bolder & Better 2018 Startup Demo Area

From artificial intelligence and elderly care to finance, shipping and legal services, we’re so proud to announce the amazing startups that will be exhibiting at our 2018 Demo Area:

Budget Matador
BudgetMatador is a simple tool that lets SMB managers handle invoices, payments and budgets in one place.

AlphaBlues automates customer support for the enterprise with in-house build AI based product.

Holm makes it quick and easy to find personal care givers for the elderly in their own homes.

OriginalMy certifies identities, signatures and documents for reducing paper, bureaucracy and using blockchain protocols.

Avokaado is developing a SaaS platform for legal service providers (law firms) to offer digital services to their clients.

Kratt helps you to manage cloud resources, find trusted IT experts and control infrastructure with a single dashboard.

Outvio empowers online shops to ship, manage, track and return orders painlessly worldwide.

Hepta provides autonomous airborne data collection and analysis for utilities, replacing six engineers with one.

Bikeep is a smart bike rack which enables to lock your personal bike, charge your e-bike and collect traffic data.

Lokalise is a tech-rich localization and translation management tool for mobile apps, web, games and other software.

Ridline is the first software tailored for the music industry that helps sound engineers to reduce communication mistakes.

Nowescape is the of escape rooms.

Natufia Labs
Access to sustainable, easy and immediate fresh food is a human right. Natufia Labs is the Nespresso for plants and herbs.

Connected Baltics
Connected Baltics is a nation-wide IoT network in Estonia.

Weps is a chatbot-based website builder service.

Facelet helps retailers to increase the average check and conversion number in-store by touchscreen kiosk software.

Fractory is a manufacturing marketplace that makes outsourcing processes faster and simpler.

StandByMate is developing a web app for ship company recruiters to help them find seafarers in a fast and easy manner.

Fundwise helps you raise capital and turn your clients into shareholders.

NAFEN™ is a project combining advanced nano-technologies in the field of industrial production of alumina nanofibers.

Smart-ID is a new generation mobile app-based secure electronic identity solution.

Stigo Bikes
Stigo Bikes is the world’s fastest folding electric vehicle.

Paytailor is a cloud-based payment platform that converts payment-related problems into a seamless digital experience. saves accountants 75% of time in receipt-handling.

Credimee unlocks tenants’ money from rental deposits with digital guarantees issued by the global community on a blockchain.

SelfKey is developing a blockchain-based identity wallet from which users can manage their identity and go through KYC.

Epic Foods
Epic Foods replaces your kitchen when you don’t have the time to cook.

Toolabs is developing a component design studio for more efficient UI development processes and a component market place.

AddMovement is repositioning mobility by creating a small footprint-powered chair for the handicapped/ageing population.

AppyParking is on a Smart City mission to make parking a truly forgettable experience.

Atsukè is a French start-up that creates mobile ticketing solutions for transport and Smart Cities.

Cocolis is developing a crowdshipping platform to help people transport bulky or heavy items cheaper.

Klaxit is the French carpooling leader that gathers commuters to enable a seamless and pleasant experience.

MaaS Global
MaaS (mobility as a service) is a carefree, environmentally sound alternative to owning a car.

NRGkick is an electric car charger that extends the charging opportunities for your electric car far beyond public charging stations and non-portable wallboxes.

Tracefy offers a full solution to make your bicycle connect, to find your bike or to manage your fleet.

Voltia helps companies switch their light commercial vehicle fleets to electric – NOW!

Moonic creates apps and games that help musicians with different aspects of music with fun and addictive products.

Nitra AI, developed IT platform, based on AI, for the best protection of personal data and website’s productivity.

Turn your mobile into smart key and with secured sharing transform the way access is granted to a physical access system

EstateGuru is an online peer-to-peer lending platform for property backed short-term business loans.

Unlike traditional detection-based approaches like legacy antivirus, TRAPMINE provides unique protection against malware.

eAgronom is a webplatform where farmers can manage their entire farm and generate reports from a single place.

eChart Healthcare Canada
eChart Healthcare is creating connected care by joining families and healthcare providers together with real-time information.

Funderbeam is introducing tradable private investments to the world. They allow investors to access fast, standardized deals in highly curated companies that can be instantly traded.

Kipwise is an automated and collaborative team knowledge management tool built on Slack to help teams grow faster.

LeapIN is a turn-key solution to start and remotely run your location-independent company online, in Estonia and Europe.

Operose is developing an augmented reality work platform to enhance the skills of workers in their everyday tasks.

KYC-Center is an online platform for KYC personality verification and procedures. Our main goal is to create a single global identity verification center.

OutFunnel is marketing tool that tightly integrates with modern CRM’s like Pipedrive.

Stadiamaps provides great looking maps and geographic data services. They’re here to help you grow your business, not your bills. is developing a recruitment platform to help recruit talents with video.

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