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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

Latitude59: Connection and Responsibility

It’s in the core of our mission here at Latitude59, that startups and technology are the most efficient tools for building the world we want and bringing humanity forward. But it all begins with people – people who find their inner boldness, who take the leap of finding connection with others, who dare to dream of things bigger than themselves, and who take the responsibility to act!

Latitude59, Estonia’s flagship tech and startup conference is happening for the 12th time in Tallinn on May 22-24, 2024. This year’s focus is on finding that connection and taking responsibility – step on in, you’re warmly welcome!



We live in a time of challenging but fascinating instability. The rise of AI, climate change, and global conflicts make us ask difficult questions about the future of humankind. Nothing is certain. But it is always important for us to ask, discuss, re-evaluate, and then ask some more. We all have the power to change the world, but first we need to face it for what is.

One of the main themes of this year’s Latitude59 is RESPONSIBILITY. Innovative technology startups and the extraordinary people who work in them are at the forefront of change in our world. As a community, we have the responsibility to make sure that our work and ideas are making the world a better place.

Our team dreams of a more sustainable and more connected world; where micro-communities don’t act as isolated activists, but where we use our superpower to the fullest – the human ability to cooperate in large numbers. We know that this is the best way to make a difference. Latitude59 is not just a conference now. After launching our global satellites in 2023 (and cooking some more projects under the hood as we speak), we are on our way towards becoming a platform with a global scope that CONNECTS like-minded people – bold visionaries in the world of technology and startups.

For over a decade, Latitude59 has been making Estonia bigger. In 2023, our Tallinn event hosted attendees from 67 countries, 2/3 traveling from abroad. We had 20+ official delegations, over 50 foreign journalists, and the final prize fund of €1.25M attracted Pitch Competition applicants from 61 countries. Estonia may be small, but we are a solid part of the Global Village (even pushing way above our weight as Atomico’s numbers keep concluding). It’s the responsibility of all of us to share what we’ve learned, to be a part of the conversation, and to actively seek out connections. This is the only way for technological advancements to truly reach their potential and for startups with mindblowing solutions to grow and thrive – may their home base be in Estonia or elsewhere. We are all connected.


In 2022, we launched with Purpose and Inclusion. Last year, the focus was on Impact and Resilience. This year’s Responsibility and Connection continues the tradition of returning to our values as the very core of how we do things – not just personally, but also collectively.

We want to bring more attention to the possibility and promise of a new era in innovation. On a global scale, crises seem to unravel and difficult times are far from over, but instead of giving in to the doomsday scenarios, the optimists are working on new disruptive technologies – like quantum computing, generative AI, synthetic biology, and advanced material science. They are even more determined to look for solutions.

We need more tech solutions that are based on science. A big portion of our program in 2024 will be about deep tech and future technologies. For all of us here in the tech sector, the challenge is clear – how can we take responsibility? How can we contribute? We might not reach success right away – we might not even know what success looks like, yet – but just the act of trying creates possibilities that no one knew before. In 2024, we will bring together startups, investors, and spokespeople from a global level to find answers, or at least, ask the right questions, together.

But it’s not just about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s also about ensuring that every advancement contributes positively to society. As technology grows more complex and more powerful, we want the conversation around the values embedded in these new technologies to intensify. In this context, Europe emerges as a potential vanguard with its deep-rooted humanist values to lead this crucial conversation ahead of global tech giants.

It is not just about what we can achieve, but how we achieve it. In this impressive pace of technological breakthroughs, we cannot forget the essence of human experience – the communities we form and the connections we build. We need to collectively fight against the moral disconnect and shift our mindset from disrupting markets to tackling grand challenges. As these technologies are giving us the ability to shape the world around us like never before, let’s keep the real-life connection at the center of this change.

There are new things on the horizon for Latitude59, and we’ll be sure to tell you more about them in the upcoming months. Until then – grab your ticket for Latitud59 2024, and see you there!

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