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TALLINN, EST: MAY 22-24, 2024

Demo area powered by Tehnopol – full list of startups.

Doesn´t matter if you are a startup, investor or just a tech geek, demo area hosted by Tehnopol Startup Incubator is THE place to start from. More than 40 “we are the next big thing” minded startup are waiting to meet you. This year’s Latitude59 is the hottest place for innovative thinkers who see solutions instead of problems and wanna see a real change. We are boosting this kind of startups at Tehnopol every day and are proud to say that our over 60% success rate proves, that it´ s all worth it. Martin Goroško, Tehnopol Startup Incubator Manager, invites all Latitude59 guests to the demo area: “The main reason people go to conferences like Latitude59 isn’t to listen to all presentations. All those entrepreneurs, investors, students, large corporations and support organizations that come together in these two days at Kultuurikatel will create a synergy that will be the best part of the event when networking at our demo area. Come and meet with the best investment attracting companies in the area and say hello to our team. See you at Latitude59! ”

Meet the startups:

6m Computer Services – “Vision : Be the next generation OS on which maximum AI on edge solutions are built. USP: Optimiser layer for AI models which converts any AI model to optimally use underlying hardware thus boosting performance. IoT and cloud connectivity features integrated so AI on edge can be coupled with Industrial use which needs IoT and cloud connectivity.”

AlphaBlues – AlphaBlues is automating customer support chat end-to-end for the enterprise with an in-house built AI product.

Aristogene Biosciences Pvt. Ltd – First in the world to commercialize phage-based products in aquaculture

Ayu Devices Pvt. Ltd – Enabling early detection of Heart and lung diseases impacting millions of lives.

Bizplay – Bizplay provides gamified educational tools for schools.

Digiotouch – Digiotouch has developed a secure, Cloud-based IoT Platform to provide Digital Transformation to European industries.

Fundwise – We help companies to get funding by crowdfunding, by that we give to the company more product ambassadors.

Gameline – Gameline is making mobile-casual games ( Playrix model – $3Bb company). We are the first building puzzle-quest games.

Geneto – We are building a mobile app that will help people to lose weight and train smarter using science behind genetic testing.

Genieland – provides personalised technology to improve one’s quality of living and create their health & wellness portfolio.

Gigpanel – Gigpanel is an online platform where hotels, restaurants & event companies can hire workers directly on an hourly basis.

GoInvite – GoInvite app is for private person events/experiences. Spread your event info, make money and meet new people.

Gridio – Turning households into virtual power plants.

guavaHR – GuavaHR is developing engagement tools to help companies to have more engaged and healthier employees.

Hiwe -Hiwe is an ecosystem that connects freelancers with each other via the best coworking spaces around the world. – AI powered platform of Lawyers. Disrupting the Legal Industry. Founded in Estonia. Scaling Globally.

IdCredit – idCredit is a blockchain KYC/AML solution.With the main aim to provide cost-efficient and reliable identity verification – is a face recognition platform, helping businesses embed FR technology to provide better customer experience

Innaumation Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd – Vision is to use science and make healthcare affordable. Our Value Proposition is Aum Voice Prosthesis – a Cost-effective voice prosthesis device for throat cancer patients

InterviewBuddy – Lightweight and highly cost-efficient white-labelled platform that eliminates the need for costly setup & integration. No software/plugins/apps required works on any internet enabled device with a modern browser.

iSenses – iSenses, is providing machine vision products and solutions for autonomy on edge learning for driver assistance autonomy

J C Orthoheal Pvt. Ltd – is the first of its kind- an orthopedic cast that has the rigidity to hold the fractured part as well as ensuring proper skin ventilation.

Lumebot – Autonomous snow removal robots that start working as soon as it starts snowing.

OriginalMy – OriginalMy is a RegTech that uses blockchain for authenticating identities, signatures and content for e-governance.

Osom – Polybius is building Osom – ecosystem allowing users to understand and manage all their financial affairs.

Pagerr – Pagerr is a web platform connecting printing houses to achieve faster production time, better price and quality.

PurpleApple Infosystems LLP – Customer can place the items like jewellery, dresses or furniture in the real world & check before taking the purchase decision.

Qtip.Me – We have developed an online queuing system that helps businesses streamline their customer service & boost productivity.

Recrur – Recrur is an online applicant tracking system for recruiters which handles candidates data and communication.

Sayv-Sustainable lifestyle – Sayv is tokenized loyalty programme backed by sustainable products and services that connect customers and companies.

SecureBadger  -Securebadger guarantees landlords their rent income and maximizes the ROI of their real estate portfolios.

SpectX – SpectX is a powerful analytics platform for infosec teams to investigate security incidents.

Spine Event Engine – Spine Event Engine is a CQRS/ES framework for modern cloud applications.

SportID – The best employee wellness management software

Zelos  -Zelos is a management solution for large volunteer teams and communities.

T-COM – Commerce OÜ is taking e-commerce to television throw creating Android-based TV app for SmartTV’s

TEXTA – TEXTA is developing open source text analytics software that helps companies solve most text-related tasks.

Turtle Shell Pvt. Ltd – Healthcare as simple as sleeping. Predicting health deterioration even before they become serious, and providing improvement solutions from the comforts of bed,

TutorId – makes the business of tutoring, easy.

Verifeye Online – Verifeye, the only fully GDPR compliant KYC/AML online ID document & video call verification platform. KYC in <3 minutes

visiosaas-oi  – helps businesses promote products and subscriptions, manage orders/invoices and facilitates eCommerce.

WebARX – WebARX is a web application security platform for web developers.

Wemply – Wemply is simple and dynamic time tracking and HR software to help companies save time and manage employees efficiently.

Wiserstate (by Motivio) – Wiserstate is a guided personal development platform for junior managers, like Peloton, but for business coaching

Workruit – Workruit’s vision is to connect relevant job-seekers and employers instantly through a simple swipe right, right at your fingertips. Using AI and ML tech stack, Workruit app provides an end-to-end recruitment solution.

YuMuuv -YuMuuv is a platform that enables companies to give out benefits to their employees based on psychical activity data.

See you there! Last chance to get tickets to Latitude59.

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