SINCE 2012

TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

VNTRS enters the Estonian startup ecosystem with an innovative startup studio concept

About VNTRS:

VNTRS – a startup studio and VC fund from Sweden.

The VNTRS mission is to maximize the likelihood to deliver successful digital products and services, with high quality.

They believe that too many good ideas and passionate entrepreneurs fall short due to the wrong reasons – and are here to change this. With their hands-on approach and by continuously challenging themselves and their startups, they transform good ideas into successful companies with an impressive track record in Sweden. 

VNTRS provides some of the best developers, designers, product owners, data scientists, and fundraisers combining it with being an early-stage investor and co-founder.


Everyone who works at VNTRS owns a part of this equity fund by investing their salary in the tech fund. This is a great opportunity to get involved in investments, share risks and this also means that they are in the same boat as founders & startups – they want them to succeed as much as they do.

VNTRS has invested in 20 companies in Sweden during the last 4 years and looking for new startups from the Baltics and Finland to join their family. 

We work hard and try to be the best place for future founders where you have access to growth & development teams, community group, network, and unique activities – community events, mountain climbing, sailing, safari – let’s decide together!

What to expect in Estonia and Finland?

Akim Arhipov joined as a VNTRS partner in Estonia and Finland. Akim has a background in finance and product engineering, launched 4 companies, failed multiple times, and exited 2 times, the recent one is BASIS ID (acquired by NASDAQ listed company). In 2018, he was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Finance and Venture Capital in Asia. He climbed the largest volcanos, lived in 31 countries, and ready to share the responsibilities together with founders from the Baltics and Finland. You will definitely get the first-hand entrepreneur experience from Akim.

We are building a strong team of senior engineers in Tallinn and looking forward to growing together with extraordinary founders. 

Please check our website and apply if you see VNTRS as your future co-founder and partner!


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