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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

Join the Latitude59 family: fun, learning, and networking for volunteers

Latitude59 volunteers

Once again Latitude59 is looking for volunteers who are ready to break out of comfort zone and ignite their passion for the tech world. This year’s call for volunteers is open – get on board and share the love for the buzz that startups and world-changing ideas create.

What will you gain from this experience

Latitude59 is the perfect chance for volunteers to build their professional network, practice skills, see the tech sector in action from the inside, and simply have fun! Each year, around hundred volunteers join the production! Will you be among them?

We believe that:
  • Getting to know you and identifying your hidden superpowers is important. That’s how we find you the best team to join, and meaningful tasks that you can really excel at. This is the baseline of a fulfilling experience as a volunteer! 
  • You’ll make great connections – among other volunteers, conference attendants, our team, and the startup ecosystem in general. Many of the volunteers have established contacts during the event that have lead to further professional endavours. Or simply found like-minded friends who are passionate about the same things in life.
  • It’s not just work. Latitude59 has the official afterparty, the unofficial afterparty, and then top secret afterparty held in honor of our amazing volunteers (shhh!). And perks, too.


A word from our previous volunteers

Volunteers are at the heart and soul of Latitude59, an irreplaceable part in pulling of a world-class conference of this size and ambition. We are grateful to each and every person who has taken on the challenge. 

We asked some of the volunteers of from previous years what the most memorable part of their experience was, what motivated them to volunteer, and how did this experience help them grow, personally as well as professionally.

Maris, Marketing

In 2022, Maris was a part of the marketing team at Latitude59. Today she works as a marketing specialist in the startup sector.

”I have always enjoyed volunteering, and because I am interested in startups and entrepreneurship, being a part of a startup festival seemed like a logical step. It was exciting to follow the organization of a big startup festival step by step. I enjoyed seeing what work goes into it before the event and what is really happening during the event days. 

I was looking for new experiences, wanted to challenge myself in a new field, and wanted to meet new people. I achieved all of that with Latitude59. It helped me grow both personally and professionally. Due to this volunteering experience and different trainings I did last year, I was able to start a new part-time job in a new field which I had a lot of interest in.”

Dāvis, Workshops

In 2022, Dāvis was a part of the workshops team at Latitude59. Today he is an export research specialist freelance.

”I knew I wanted to expand my network, hear some specific speakers on the stages, and immerse myself fully in the business environment, which I totally did because while volunteering all of it is possible at the same time. I definitely saw improvement in my teamwork and communication skills because I did not know the local language, so it often required me to ask elaborate questions, come up with quick solutions to burning issues, and help the event run smoothly without any interruptions.

During the afterparty, I got to talk to so many new people, and meet people from all around the globe, not only locals. It was so interesting to discuss a wide range of topics – from business, and professional backgrounds to snooker and sailing. Surprisingly, I also met many people that I already knew, and even my next employer, so anything can happen! And of course, it was hella fun!”

Helina, Registration

In 2022, Helina was part of the registration team, welcoming the guests to Latitude59. Today she is working as a recruitment manager.

Latitude59 was an awesome experience and the whole team was so kind and took us as a part of the big team. It made me feel like I was a valuable and necessary member. When I applied, I just wanted to experience volunteer staff work, know more about Latitude59, and practice my English. But I got more than that.

Connections that I got at Latitude59 are still relevant and have helped me in my career. The Latitude59 experience built my confidence, my communication skills, and the humility to be there as a volunteer. The other volunteers, they literally rock. I really recommend to take part of the conference as a volunteer, you will feel like a member of a big family that is doing a very big thing.”

IMG_20220520_161947 (1)
"I really recommend to take part of the conference as a volunteer, you will feel like a member of a big family that is doing a very big thing.” - Helina, volunteer at Latitude59 2022

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