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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

Latitude59 side events: Expand your experience

The topics of our side events range from accelerating sales to a startup culture that can beat Google to ethical AI workshop and to the Estonian sauna experience. We hope that you can find your own and if the event requires pre-registration, we suggest to hurry. Our side event program runs from 14-18 May. Let us give you just a few of the highlights of the L59 week and make sure to check the full list HERE. 

15 May

AI and Autonomous & Intelligent Systems: Ethically Aligned Design for a Trusted Future Workshop (08:30-15:30, Radisson Hotel, Rävala pst 3)

AI and Autonomous and Intelligent systems (A/IS) are specifically designed to reduce the necessity for human intervention in our day-to-day lives. In so doing, these new systems have raised concerns about their impact on individuals and societies. Likewise, they have raised many questions, including how do we ensure that these technologies and systems are developed in an ethical and sustainable way and operate in ways that are beneficial to people and the environment without losing site of people’s values and well-being.

Founders Factory comes to Tallinn (09:00-17:00, Lift99 Telliskivi 60a)

Founders Factory is flying out to Tallinn on the 15th May to meet with top, selected startups. They will be hosting 1-2-1 sessions where founders can expect to learn more about Founders Factory, receive feedback on specific areas of their business and have the opportunity to be fast-tracked to pitch in front of our internal investment committee.

LIFTOFF: Allan Martinson, CEO of LeapIN  (18:00-19:30) Terrace Hall, Kultuurikatel, Põhja puiestee 27a)

LIFTOFF goes to Latitude59! This time, we’ll sit down with Allan Martinson: a serial entrepreneur and one of the key players on the Estonian VC and startup scene. An evening before Latitude59, we’ll go over the lessons learned over his 30 years in 10+ tech and media companies: including being the COO of Starship Technologies, the global leader in self-driving delivery robots industry, establishing one of the first venture firms in the region, growth strategies used for companies such as Delfi and BNS and many more. In his chat with Erik Bhullar, Martinson will share the guiding principles that startups should keep in mind when building their business – the same principles that he has applied when building LeapIN and turning it into one of the most promising startups in Estonia.

16 May

APAC Investments and Opportunities for Estonian Startups(17:00-19:00, Terrace Hall, Kultuurikatel, Põhja pst.27a)

Panel on the topic of APAC Investments and Opportunities for Estonian startups. It is a great chance to meet with the speakers from the global Startup City Fukuoka (Japan), India-based incubator and venture capital fund NordicNinja. The get-together at KultuuriKatel’s spacious Terrace Hall is accompanied by the famous Estonian craft beers Õllenaut and mingling with the like-minded people from Asia and Estonia.

Solopreneurs Anonymous(17:30-20:00 Palo Alto Club, Telliskivi 60a)

Solopreneurs Anonymous is the gathering for solopreneurs, independent workers, freelancers and everyone in between! À la Alcoholics Anonymous, we’re looking for 20 awesome solopreneurs to share whatever they want that is solopreneur-related for 3 minutes each

How To Accelerate Sales With Contract Automation?(18:00-19:30Workland, Pärnu mnt 12)

Learn how contract automation can accelerate your sales, see use cases and talk to the champions who have already done contract automation, get free legal advice on contract automation. Hosted by Avokaado

Latitude x Funderbeam – The Party(20:00-02:00, Maakri kvartal)
Unique venue, spirited people, rocking music, divine cocktails – say no more, and see you there!

17 May

Karma Run(location TBC, 07:30-08:30)
Healthy run powered by Karma VC to get your Latitude59 day 2 started!

Startup culture that can beat Google (17:30-21:00 ETK, Telliskivi 60A1-IV floor)
How would you make your company culture more attractive than other companies? How would you maintain a good engagement with the best engineers? What’s the secret of innovative culture? blockhive is pleased to present you an after-conference event of Latitude59. Supported by Latitude59, we bring you a night of learning and fun with special guest speakers.

Energy Revolution Tallinn – Techstars Startup Weekend( 17:30-21:00, SunlyHub, Masti 17)
Friday night pitches – all participants who feel like, are invited to pitch their energy transition-related business/product idea in 1 minute. Then, we’ll vote to choose the ideas that’ll be developed over the weekend. After some networking and ice-breaking, teams will be formed and let the fun (work) begin!

18 May

How to sauna the Estonian way – Latitude59 special(14:00-17:00, Heldeke, Tööstuse 13)
Exploration of sauna culture in Estonia and how it has developed through the ages – from the earliest smoke saunas dug into the ground (which were perhaps the ‘minimum viable product’) to the latest app-controlled and WiFi-connected saunas that are now made in Estonia. Along the way, we’ll also look at old beliefs, new science, different designs, and interesting traditions. You’ll also have the opportunity to try Estonian food and drink and – of course – enjoy a sauna!

Estonia Innovation Tour: meet local investors and thriving startups(14-17 May)

Did you know that despite 1.3 million population, Estonia has the highest amount of Startups per capita in the world and boasts four(!) unicorn companies? DeltaHeroes is inviting you to participate in face-to-face meetings with some of Estonia’s most influential tech executives, academics and investors; witness the country’s Startup boom first-hand by touring innovation hubs and speaking with entrepreneurs.

Check out the full list of Latitude29 side events and see you soon!

There is still time to get your tickets, so don’t miss out on Latitude59!

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