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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

The Head of Program for Latitude59 2023: “Choose the topics that interest you, and be present.”

The Head of Program for Latitude59 2023: “Choose the topics that interest you & take the time to be present.”

The stage program for Latitude59 2023 is a little different this year. Our Head of Program, Kai Isand explains why is different, what makes it bolder and better, and how to get the most out of it as a ticket holder for this year’s conference.


“The world today is facing a multitude of crises – economic, energy, climate, humanitarian, and war. I wanted Latitude59’s stage program to explore how we can stay resilient in the face of these challenges, how can we see opportunities, and how can we still find inspiration. The entrepreneurial community knows that with unprecedented levels of uncertainty comes a wave of opportunities. There are so many incredible people out there working to make a difference. Latitude59 is here to give them a platform.

I know how hectic conferences can get – too many meetings, too many cool people to talk to, and then there are those few work calls that you just couldn’t reschedule. That’s why I wanted to organize the program into tracks or themes. How to navigate it? Choose the topics that truly interest you, block that time in your calendar, and really go and listen. Be present. Ask questions from the speakers. And then carry on the discussion at the afterparty.”


Two days of program across 3 stages

”The main program for Latitude59 will take place in Kultuurikatel on May 25-26. Once again, we have set up 3 stages:

On our Bold stage, we will have people with a strong vision discussing the challenges we face, and how to create a better future by making smart decisions already today.

On our Founder stage, we will see investors and founders from all across the world in conversation, sharing their personal stories and learnings.

Our Community stage will feature a showcase of top-notch startup programs from Estonia and the region – if you want to know who is going to be the next batch of early-stage startups making major waves in the region, this is the stage for you.”


The highlights & must-sees of Latitude59 2023

“You definitely don’t want to miss the classics! On the first day, we have the showcase of the Best of the Baltics which includes Margus Uudam’s overview of the investment scene in the region. On the second day, Latitude59’s pitching competition’s five finalists will wrap up the conference with a one-million-euro bang. 

When it comes to tracks, considering the state of the world, the Defence&Cyber track will offer a lot of food for thought. Talking of speakers, you don’t want to miss Estonia’s very own “poster boy of resilient founders”, Markus Villig, chatting with Staffan Helgesson, a general partner at Creandum.

And my personal favorite – I am very excited about Barbara Kurshan! I love listening to people sharing their long-time experience on the stage, and getting inspired by it, exploring how I can adapt in the ever-changing landscape of our world. Barbara is someone I very much admire in this sense, she has been in the field of EdTech for 40+ years and is still going strong.”

– Kai Isand,
Head of Program at Latitude59 2023

Here’s a quick overview of the entire agenda for Latitude59 2023, from May 24 to May 26. Check out the official tracks included in this year’s stage program at Kultuurikatel. Take a look at the speakers announced for Latitude59 2023. The details about satellite events and happenings – such as the official side events, the afterparty, and the workshops during the conference – will be announced in the upcoming weeks. 

See you soon!

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