SINCE 2012

TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

It’s time to start Thinking in Billions – join us for the first official side event of Latitude59!

Latitude59, together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Accelerate Estonia, is hosting this year’s Thinking In Billions summit, which for the first time is an official side event of our conference.

Government officials around the world are becoming conscious that developing innovative solutions requires experimentation with no guaranteed success. That said, with no clear blueprint of what experiments to take on or who to carry them out, it’s challenging to get started.

Thinking in Billions was designed to shed light on the various measures that innovative policy-makers are testing out locally in collaboration with the private sector. Initiatives have been created to bridge the gap between the public and the private sector, and spur innovation in the surrounding economy.

We are waiting for key ecosystem players and decision-makers from the public and the private sector. If you are interested in innovation on a large scale, be sure to register!

Attending Thinking In Billions is free, but in order to bring only the most innovative minds into the same room and ensure a safe distance, we will confirm all registrees’ participation before the event.

The event will take place on the
18th of May 2022 from 9 until 13
at Kai Art Center in Tallinn,
and online (register to get the link).


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