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Fukuoka City Pitching competition and support for startups

As per tradition, our long term partners from Fukuoka City in Japan will host a pitching competition on 27 August. Read more about the competition and what Fukuoka City has to offer to startups.

Fukuoka City Pitching competition and support for startups

Startup city Fukuoka pitching competition

Startups, want to do business in Asia and get to know more about the Japanese business environment? Latitude59’s long term partners from Fukuoka City are hosting a pitching competition for startups together with Enterprise Estonia on 27 August. The competition will also be broadcasted online.

Fukuoka pitching competition prizes include:

  • one round trip flight ticket from/to Fukuoka
  • free co-working space
  • business consultations

Fukuoka Startup City is the fastest-growing startup hub in Japan. Fukuoka City offers entrepreneurs incredible financial incentives, networking opportunities, staffing assistance, and individualized consulting services. Starting a company in Fukuoka will give you the keys to unlock your company’s full potential.


An initiative of Fukuoka City for startup support

Fukuoka City provides intensive startup support to expand its business in Fukuoka City. Here is startup package Fukuoka City can provide for startups.

  • Startup Visa. Fukuoka is the first city in Japan to offer a Startup visa for foreign entrepreneurs.
  • Financial assistance and funding opportunities. Bringing your business to Fukuoka will give you access to countless funding sources.
  • New requirements relaxation for Startup Visa
  • In order to promote company establishment for foreign entrepreneurs, “Startup Visa” system that allows the provision of capital for 6 months in Fukuoka City. When Startup Visa holder updating his/her visa to Business Management Visa, it was necessary to have an office in a private room, however, co-working space approved by Fukuoka city will be accepted as an office from June 2020. (*only for the first visa renewal)
  • Business support. Fukuoka City provides a wide range of support options for founders who want to grow their businesses in this thriving city. National tax reductions. The city government understands that taxes are a big consideration when deciding where to found your company. If you establish your business in Fukuoka, you might qualify for a reduction in national tax.
  • Financial aid for renting residential & office spaces
  • Global startup centre
  • The GSC is a place that provides English speakers full access to the resources & info for startups. At the GSC, you’ll get comprehensive support and make the connections you need to establish your business.

About Fukuoka City

Fukuoka City has a population of 1.6 million – Monocle rated Fukuoka the world’s 7th most liveable city in 2016!
Our top several reasons for starting up in Fukuoka are;

  • Located in the heart of East Asia. Conducting international and domestic business is simple with many hubs located just a short flight from Fukuoka.
  • Top talent is easy to find in Fukuoka because of Fukuoka city’s numerous universities and R&D centres.
  • Fukuoka is an incredible place to live in. There’s a reason why 96% of Fukuoka’s residents think it’s a pleasant place to live.
  • We have a tight-knit startup community. You’ll never have to go it alone. Fukuoka’s startup community is here to support you, and it all begins at the Fukuoka Growth Next and Startup Café.
  • Fukuoka City’s Global Startup Network. We have concluded MoU with 11 cities, 15 locations around the globe in terms of startup mutual support such as Consultation, Business matching, Provide information, use of incubation facilities and Introduction of financial institutions.

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  • Everyone who works at VNTRS – developers, data scientists, growth hackers, and fundraisers, owns a part of the equity fund by investing their salary in the investment fund. This is a great opportunity to get involved in investments, share risks and this also means that they are in the same boat as founders & startups – they want them to succeed as much as they do.

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