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5 reasons every startup should consider Asia

It’s no news that Asia is a significant market – it’s big, it’s impactful, it’s advanced. Will it open doors for you and your company? In this guest post, Enterprise Estonia and their Asia-focused team brings out 5 main reasons to look towards east. Got more questions? Step into the Entreprise Estonia’s booth at Latitude59 to hear how they can help you take over the world, and check out the Going Big in Asia showcase to meet local startups that are already on their way to Asia!

#1 Huge market potential:

The Asian markets have a total population of over 4.5 billion people, making it the largest and most populous continent in the world. This represents a massive opportunity for Estonian startups looking to scale and expand their customer base. 

#2 Rapidly growing economies:

Many Asian countries, such as India and Vietnam, have rapidly growing economies and a rising middle class with increasing purchasing power. This presents a significant opportunity for Estonian startups to tap into these emerging markets and benefit from the growing demand for innovative products and services.

#3 Access to funding:

Asian investors are increasingly interested in investing in startups and emerging businesses, providing access to new sources of funding for Estonian startups. This can help Estonian startups expand their operations and scale their businesses more quickly.

#4 Cultural diversity and innovation:

Asia is home to a diverse range of cultures and societies, each with its own unique perspectives and approaches to business. This diversity can foster innovation and creativity, providing Estonian startups with new ideas and insights that they can use to improve their products and services.

#5 Strategic partnerships:

By expanding into the Asian market, Estonian startups can develop strategic partnerships with local businesses and entrepreneurs. These partnerships can help Estonian startups navigate the local market, access new customers, and build relationships that can help them succeed in the long term. For example Estonian company Auve Tech just recently sold its first new-generation autonomous vehichle to Japan. They have partnered up with Boldly, a subsidiary of Softbank and Japanese market leader in autonomous transport services.

If this got you interested and you want to hear more about the Asian markets, there are two events coming up just before Latitude59: Japan Innovation day (24.05) and seminar about Southeast Asia with a special focus on Singapore and Indonesia (18.05).

And of course come and give Enterprise Estonia Asia team a warm greeting at the joint Enterprise Estonia booth!

See you there!

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