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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

2 days of startup showcases at Latitude59 2024 – Pitching Stage powered by Google

Although Google has long since grown out of the tiny garage that housed the company’s first office, the startup attitude and energy is in their DNA. The Vilnius-based Google team advises Baltic startups every day and helps them develop growth strategies – to discover new markets, search for the best working business models, use the most advanced marketing solutions and expand worldwide. In 2024, we’re proud to see Google’s team also powering the Latitude59’s pitching stage where accelerators, incubators and global startup programs will line up their best and most promising startups, across May 23 and 24! Take a seat and dive in!


Google’s initiatives in the Baltics


Startups tirelessly solve the most important global challenges using innovative technologies. Google is proud to help them achieve their long-term goals and global ambitions. If startups succeed, Baltic communities and the economy succeed. There are various initiatives that Google offers for startups, you can find them here. One of the upcoming ones is Startup School: Gen AI, which starts on May 21.


This series is designed to help you master the basics of generative AI and use the latest Google Cloud AI solutions to transform your business. Here’s a sneak peek at what will be covered: 


  • Learn the core components of conversational AI: Understand the essential building blocks of generative AI applications, including models, tools, orchestration, and deployment.
  • Build a custom chatbot from scratch: Follow along with Google experts as they guide you through the process of building a fully functional chatbot using Firebase and the Gemini extension.
  • An in-depth look at Google’s AI ecosystem. Explore the latest advancements in Google’s AI models, including Gemini, and learn how they can be used to solve real-world business problems.

Another great program is Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Education. It is a three-month hybrid program dedicated to supporting high-potential startups in the education industry using AI technology to grow and innovate responsibly. Applications close on May 24!


The Latitude59 Pitching Stage powered by Google

This year, Google is powering the Pitching Stage, located right at the heart of all the startup buzz during the Latitude59 conference – in the Demo Area on the 2nd floor! The setup will be “silent disco” style on comfy beanbags – grab a pair of headphones and tune in to the hottest early-stage startups, pitching what they’ve got!

“Startups, this stage is yours!” says Audrius Janulis, Industry Manager, Export & Startups at Google, “Google Baltics is proud to sponsor the Pitching stage at Latitude59, where the brightest minds in the Estonian startup ecosystem converge. The Estonian startup scene is a beacon of creativity and resilience, and Google Baltics is honoured to play a role in its continued growth.” But it’s not just about local startups, the stage hosts a number of foreign delegations and international lineups lifted by global organizations.


Here are the programs, the delegations, the accelerators and the startups you can meet on the Pitching Stage powered by Google (the list will keep on growing, check the stage program for latest updates):

May 23

  • Beamline: Myceen, Funki, Sutu, Smargy, Vetik, Clyza.
  • Indian delegation & showcase of startups.
  • Italian delegation & showcase of startups: CARCHAIN, TIME SWAPP, Epitomea srls, BIO PHARMA SRL, BCC STUDIO SRL, POPULARISE SRL, CYBER EVOLUTION SRL, TAG SRL.
  • Tehnopol Startup Incubator: Lawato, BEBO, Phishbite, Holocrow, Livful.
  • NATO DIANA: Dronetag, Revobeam, GalTec, AVoptics, Goldilock, Anzen, GIM Robotics, Icewind, Lobster Robotics.
  • EIT Digital
  • KPMG Global Tech Innovator 2024, Competition Final: Mindchip, Gelatex, Vegvisir, Mifundo, Kwota, R8, Upcatalyst, Paul-Tech.
  • Health Founders: DoSage, EsaDres, Silkytics, Sepsiscan, Muun Health, Lyfery, Lifeyear, Migrevention, Better Medicine, Dermtest.
  • Prototron: Sciflux, Better Than Driving, AudioCat, Boxy, Pocobit, Eetos, Antscape, Viacurrent, TraynMe, Sefix.


 May 24

  • Startup Wise Guys: Adact, Abillio, ResilientX Security, Evie, Planet, TrustLynx, Uspacy, DriveX, Vocal Image.
  • Civitta.
  • Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications.
  • Tenity: FinterAI, Sweephy, TRC, LambdaAI, Kuratech, Ziv4, Lawato, Lyfery.
  • Brazilian delegation & showcase of startups.
  • Ukrainian delegation & showcase of startups: Crosscheck, Emery, DrugCard, Banani, MELT WATER CLUB, OptySun, The Great Catalog, Uspacy.

Come and meet fast-rising startups at Latitude59 – we have over 500 of them, pitching on the stage and roaming the conference ground (pin them down via the official Latitude59 app and its matchmaking function)!

To learn more about Google and how they help startups succeed, jump into their booth, located next to the Pitching Stage in Kultuurikatel. Among other things, you can polish your prompting techniques and learn some new tricks of using Google’s Gemini!

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