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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

A new content track at Latitude59 – Tune in & chill out at the Podcast Area powered by SEB

Every year, Latitude59 aspires to throw a few surprises into the schedule to keep things fresh and experimental, break molds, and have fun while at it. Last year we launched the highly popular Late Afternoon Show and the Pitch Confidential (check them out again this year, on the Founder Stage). This year brings another addition to the family of program formats – the Podcast Area powered by SEB. Grab a pair of headphones and tune in at the outside lounge area! We’ve got some great tech and startup podcast creating their next episodes, live, in the middle of the conference buzz! 


The podcast area is powered by SEB, one of the biggest banks in the region that’s not far from the startup scene as an active partner of many accelerators; and boasts their own regular podcast series: “Nestor & Koppel” is one of the most-listened to podcasts in the country, sharing deep insights on econcomy and investing. We’re glad to have SEB on board this year – in the podcasting booth, on the stage, in the workshop rooms, and at the SEB lounge right next to the Podcast Area! Step on in and get comfy!

SEBis one of the biggest banks in the Nordics and the Baltics. How are you involved in the startup and tech ecosystem?  

SEB is actively contributing to start-up ecosystem as long-term partner for different accelerator programs such as Mastercard Finitiv or Tenity Nordics accelerators where we scout startups as potential partners. We also mentor and jury at many startup competitions giving award to startups that carry values similar to SEB. In addition we are also one of the leading Fintech investors in the Nordics engaging with startups to provide capital, competence and clients for potential partner.

Something new is that from year 2024 SEB is providing Venture Debt investments in high growth companies in the Baltic countries. This is great news for startups as it differs from traditional lending and does not require equity or board seats from startups. The goal of Venture Debt is to help funding expansion of proven business models even before stable profits are achieved.

Why are you attending Latitude59 this year and who should approach you at the conference?

We are attending Latitude59 as this is the place where dedicated and talented international startups are and we see true potential for mutual future co-creation here. We also aim to strengthen relations with other investors and ecosystem contributors as we believe in long-term value creation and this can be achieved in partnership with various stakeholders.  

Please contact us if you have a digital transformation business proposal. Especially if you believe it may assist SEB in delivering world-class financial services and advice products that support our corporate, SME and private customers. We are especially interested in startups developing solutions in Fintech, Insuretech, Regtech, Software, Cybersecurity and AI/ML themes.

You can find us in the workshop area where we share practical learnings about how to prepare your company to apply for Venture Debt, but also about how to be attractive collaboration and co-creation partner for large organization. We will also be available for discussions at SEB’s lounge area, next to Podcast Track.

You are powering the freshest addition to Latitude59’s program formats – the Podcast Area! Could you describe the idea behind it a bit?

SEB found the magic of podcasts when our economist Mihkel Nestor and Redgate Investment Manager Peeter Koppel started their own podcast to talk about what is happening in the world of economics and investment and how it affects our everyday life. This podcast was quickly adopted by Estonians and it has achieved a place among most listened podcasts in Estonia. So why not to use this format also during conference and let’s see how does it work out.

A lot of good content is born at a conference such as Latitude59. Ideas are bubbling, synergy is in the air, great minds have flown to Tallinn to share their know-how and expertise. In 2024, there are over 190 speakers attending! The official podcast booth gives the regional podcasters a chance to get access to these great minds and record an episode with a little twist, in the context of Latitude59 vibes and the conference buzz thick in the air! This cozy wind-down area is a also a great boost to the conference experience of those who seek some quiet time and chill, while still being a part of everything.

SEBis also recording a few episodes during Latitude59. Can you give us a sneak peek – what will they be about?

Mihkel and Peeter usually talk about what is happening in the economy and is attractive to the listener at large: money printing, the IPOdrome and signals that “everything is expensive and about to collapse” are hot topics. So we will see and hear what is the most talked topic on that day. “Nestor & Koppel” goes live on the Podcast Area powered by SEEB on May 23 at 11:30.



The program on the Podcast Area powered by SEB:

MAY 23:

    • “Nestor & Koppel” (SEB) with Mihkel Nestor and Peeter Koppel
    • “Pursuit of Scrappiness” with Uldis Teraudkalns and Janis Zeps
    • “Naked podcast” with Nektarios Liolios and Marek Pärtel
MAY 24:
    • “Ettemõte” (in English) with Henrik Roonemaa and Taavi Kotka, interviewing Kaja Kallas, the Prime Minister of Estonia
    • “Future of Computing” with Benjamin Wolba and Sebastian Weidt
    • “Kübercast” with Ronnie Jaanhold and Kalev Kaarna

What’s the future of economy like? We don’t know. But it’s good to have thoughtleaders such as SEB sharing their best guess, and actively contributing to making the future a bright one. Meet SEB’s Future and Strategy Analyst, Christopher Lyrhem from SEB Sweden on Future stage, inviting listeners to step into future with him. 

He will reveal how the shift of ownership to usership of physical products will lead to regenerative economic incentive and become a Golden Trojan horse for a regenerative future. During his speech Christopher will advise both startups and investors on how to prepare for that shift.   

See you at the SEB lounge, right next to the podcast area, at Latitude59 2024, in Kultuurikatel on May 23 and 24!

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