Volunteer at Latitude59

It warms our hearts that each year, a wonderful team of volunteers helps to make Latitude59 happen. 

Why volunteer? Our tight-knit gang of volunteers shares the love for the buzz that startups and world-changing ideas create. Volunteering is the fastest ticket to the organizational backstage, to see how Estonia’s flagship startup and tech conference is brought to life. 

It often happens that talented volunteers look back on their following career in the startup world and find that the Latitude59 experience was the kick that got their foot between the door. This is your chance to build your professional network, practice your skills, see the tech sector in action and shine out!

Be at the Heart of All the Startup Buzz

Our Latitude59 volunteer team is responsible for the smooth registration of all 2500 guests, stage management, marketing tasks, demo area assistance and more.

If the prospect of doing something BIG with like-minded people and helping L59 come together makes your eyes spark with excitement, let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

“I highly recommend everyone to participate!”

– Kairi Loomet, volunteer at L59 2020

What attracted you to volunteer at Latitude59?

I had heard so many good things about this event – so I wanted to see it with my own eyes. I was interested to see from the inside how one of the leading startup conferences is organized. Plus, I knew it is a great opportunity to get some new contacts.

What was the highlight of your volunteering experience?

I was asked to be a stage manager – so I heard many inspiring speeches from different founders. Also, I met really nice people, who were on my team, and we still communicate from time to time. By the way, the rumors about the amazing Latitude59 afterparties are true!

Looking back, what did you gain from this experience personally/professionally?

Personally, I gained new experiences and a lot of good emotions. Professionally, I widened my network and later got a job offer through that. I wouldn´t be a community manager at Palo Alto Club if I hadn´t been in Latitude59 as a volunteer. So I highly recommend everyone to participate. 


Any questions?
Please contact Mariliis Maremäe:

“Highly recommend everyone to participate!”

Stay in the know about all things Latitude59
including price and agenda changes,
latest speakers and side events.

Stay in the know about all things Latitude59
including price and agenda changes,
latest speakers and side events.