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Online ticket holders – your Latitude59 with talque starts here

Our digital event app talque is the all-in-one platform allows you not only participate in the programme but connect with all L59 attendees.

Online ticket holders – your Latitude59 with talque starts here

First and foremost if you are an online ticket holder – we suggest you use talque on desktop. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and get into the flow of matchmaking and the programme. As the Latitude59 virtual room is already open, you can start planning your personal experience and get going with booking your online calls.

Login with a link you received via e-mail (e-mail is called “Latitude59: Matchmaking is now open”). You will get the link once you have assigned your ticket. If you haven’t received it, please contact us at


Choose your ticket type.

Fill in your profile – the more information you provide, the better talque is at finding the best matches for you. Make sure to choose that you’re participating online.

Choose how you are attending L59

talque is calculating the match score based on your profile. Thinking where to start booking meetings? We suggest this to be a good place to start. We also suggest using filters in the Participants tab to find relevant investors/startups or people who can offer what you’re looking for.

Use filters to narrow your search

Start a chat/schedule a meeting – same as for on-site meetings your call is 15 minutes. The video call has a countdown to remind you how much time has passed.

Write a personal message to get the conversation going.


Plan your programme and participate. Even though you will be experiencing Latitude59 through your screen, please note that we will still have separate stages on-site at Kultuurikatel. That’s important to note when you want to ask questions from the presenters or participate in the interactive sessions. We are using slido for questions and talque has a slido integration – you just need to make sure that you’re watching the correct stage on talque. We encourage you to be active in the sessions, ask questions, answer polls etc.

Match your viewing stage with slido stage



















Browse the Startup Demo area powered by Tehnopol you can easily ask questions and book meetings with everyone representing the startup.




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Latest news

  • We’ve now had some time to reflect on what the first-ever hybrid Latitude59 actually was. This blog post looks back on how this year’s Latitude59 was organised. 

  • Everyone who works at VNTRS – developers, data scientists, growth hackers, and fundraisers, owns a part of the equity fund by investing their salary in the investment fund. This is a great opportunity to get involved in investments, share risks and this also means that they are in the same boat as founders & startups – they want them to succeed as much as they do.

  • Startup Capital Kyoto

    04 September 2020

    Kyoto has a strong image as a tourist city, but actually it is one of Japan’s leading manufacturing cities, with the long history of traditional industries that have been inherited over the years. There are located many leading global companies such as Kyocera, Shimadzu, Murata, Nintendo, and so on.

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