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Insights into L59 agenda

We’ve been working hard these past eight months to bring you new formats, intriguing discussions, quality pitches, inspiring keynotes and that something extra so it’s time to shed some light on this year’s Latitude59 stage agenda. Buckle up for the ride as we’re running a total of four stages this year.

Insights into L59 agenda

Blue Stage

As our main hall, the Blue Stage bears the seal of insightful keynotes and compelling panel discussions, ranging over a wide variety of topics and bringing you speakers from all over the world.

Our stage programme will be kicked off with a discussion on the relationship between entrepreneurship and state funding. We will also be performing a reality check on the state of cybersecurity and moving on to a track on leadership skills, presented by our partners LHV. One of the topics that you’ll be hearing a lot about at this year’s L59 is education and its future. On the Blue Stage, we will be looking at the best examples of innovating STEAM-Ed from all over the world, with the track presented by our partners TransferWise. We’re also checking in on how to create future cities. And being in Estonia, the world’s first truly digital nation, we will also be covering the latest trends in gov-tech and public sector innovation.

Friday’s ride on the Blue Stage will be no slower. After kicking off with a discussion presented by our partners Tehnopol on the symbiosis of data and health tech, it’s time for a real treat – Morten Lund will be talking about how he’s building businesses while also saving the world. We’ll then move on to the relationship between Sustainable Development Goals, entrepreneurship and investing. You can also expect an exploration of Sub-Saharan business environment, followed by a status update on decentralization, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. From this we’re moving on to new business models in creative content and journalism and then it’s time for the grande finale – our pitching competition (PS: the applications for L59 pitching competition are still open until the end of today).

TransferWise Ask Me Anything Area

One of our goals for this year is to include more of you – our audience – in the discussions and that’s why we’ve set up a dedicated Q&A area, presented by our partners TransferWise, where you’ll get to ask questions from the presenters of the Blue Stage after each track. So instead of the usual rushed Q&A you can have a meaningful conversation with the presenters instead.

Yellow Stage

With the Yellow Stage, we’re reversing the roles and want to hear more from you, the audience. That’s why we’re introducing the L59 sessions on 16 May, where we’re bringing you six topics with burning questions and challenges, ranging from M&A, employer branding to innovating education and the future of cities. Each session will begin with setting the context by our experts and carry on as an active discussion, involving the audience.

On the 17th of May, the Yellow Stage will once again host 12 founder stories from seasoned founders all over the world and not missing are our audience favourites – reverse pitches where VCs are pitching to the startups.  

Grey Hall

As they say on commercials – that’s not all! Presenting Grey Hall, which on the 16th of May is all about founders. Karma Academy is bringing you five sessions from Sales and Marketing, Product-led growth to storytelling.

On the 17th of May, the Grey Hall will turn into an oasis of pitching, where you’ll hear almost 70 pitches in total from accelerator programmes to university programmes.

Keep an eye on the calendar as we’ll soon be publishing the schedule for Terrace Hall events as that’s where our partners and friends will be hosting pitching competitions, seminars and receptions.  

Check out our detailed agenda form HERE.

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