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TALLINN, EST: MAY 22-24, 2024

E-Residency Brings Foreign Founders Closer to Estonia

Estonia’s pioneering e-Residency program is always looking for new ways to enhance the experience for Estonia’s e-residents. And in late May, that’s just what they’re doing! Here’s a guide to e-Residency’s free satellite events for the startup conference Latitude59: an e-Residency Study Trip expressly created for e-resident founders, a Pitch Workshop, and the annual e-Residency Community Event.

Are you one of the over 100,000 e-residents currently registered in Estonia today? You probably already know that Latitude59 will bring opportunities to learn, network, and possibly even secure some funding. Reserve the dates of May 23 and 24 and keep on reading to learn more about the exclusive e-Residency events during this year’s conference.

According to e-Residency data, the overlap between startups in Estonia with e-resident founders is approximately 30%. That means e-residents are most significantly represented in the tech sector, establishing companies that identify as “Estonian startups.”


And indeed, Estonia’s pioneering e-Residency program is a stepping stone for foreign founders looking to establish a link to the country. The e-Residency events scheduled for the popular Latitude59 startup conference expand on this aim — they’re designed to build bridges between e-residents and the local economy and community. To achieve this lofty goal, the event creators are focusing on:

  • Entrepreneurship programs like accelerators and incubators
  • Providing information on the funding opportunities open to e-resident companies

This exclusive program of events aims to highlight and facilitate cooperation, both in the public and private sectors and between existing Estonian and newer e-resident companies and organizations. It seeks to support e-resident companies and founders who hire locally and are passionate about building a presence in Estonia.

The e-Residency satellite events for Latitude59

1. [Tour] E-resident Founders Ecosystem Study Trip

May 23, all-day

The attendees of this pre-Latitude59 tour will benefit from a rare opportunity to network with local companies and gain access to funding and other perks. The Ecosystem Study Trip caters to technology-based e-resident founders with a team and a prototype or MVP (minimal viable product) and foreign partners of the e-Residency program.

The partners of the Tallinn-based event will host visiting e-residents, and introduce the programs they run and the kind of funding and mentoring they provide. Participating businesses, accelerators, and incubators include:

  • Tehnopol — runs several programs with various focuses, such as smart cities, sustainability, and more,
  • LIFT99 — the number one networking and coworking community in Tallinn,
  • Accelerate Estonia — a governmental innovation lab for moonshot ideas that create true systemic change.
  • The event program also features a visit to a thriving local startup office.

2. [Networking] E-Residency Community Event: Latitude59 Edition

May 23, at 20:00

Traditionally, the annual e-Residency Community Event brings together a record number of e-residents under one roof. The gathering offers rare opportunities to team up with fellow entrepreneurs from this global community.

In 2023, we’re capitalizing on the excitement of Latitude59 to bring you the biggest event to date!

Hear from inspiring special guest speakers, enjoy the delicious local catering, meet the e-Residency team in person, and—best of all—network with other e-residents in a relaxed, fun environment. Plus, a surprise entertainment act has been planned!

3. [Workshop] Mastering the Art of Pitching for E-residents

May 24, at 10-13:00

Join the Mastering the Art of Pitching for e-residents workshop for an insightful session on the wisdom and technique of stage pitching. This event is led by experienced performer and pitch coach Dan Renwick (a.k.a. Dan le Man), who will teach attendees how to build trustworthy relationships with investors, customers, and collaborators through effective pitching.

You’ll learn:

  • How to captivate your audience using intonation, rhythm, timing, breathing, and silence;
  • Insights on the essential elements of a compelling pitch;
  • Techniques to refine your delivery;
  • Pitching within time constraints;
  • How to handle Q&A sessions with confidence;
  • Mental preparation strategies;
  • How to enter and exit the stage impactfully

Whether you’re a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, Dan Renwick has strategies that will work for you!

Why attend?

Are you an e-resident looking to strengthen your ties in Estonia—both professionally and for tax residency purposes? Then any one of these free events can be right for you. Securing funding or other types of support can help you hire a team locally or bring in high-level tech people on startup visas—both approaches will consolidate your tax obligations in one place (Estonia).

“E-residents can access so much more with their status and an Estonia-registered company than just the digital services of the state,” says Ülane Vilumets, the Head of Business Development for the e-Residency program. “Not only are accelerator programs open to e-residents, but the most notable platforms prefer that foreign applicants become e-residents. Their company is registered in a transparent, reliable legal system, such as Estonia, helping them better secure future investments.”

This assortment of events is your ticket to better e-Residency opportunities in Estonia. Join our exclusive e-resident Study Trip, master the Art of Pitching, and party at the biggest e-resident community gathering of the year. The conference is the perfect opportunity to network with peers, access funding opportunities, and strengthen your ties in Estonia!


Visit Eventbrite to buy your tickets to all e-Residency events scheduled for Latitude59. For more information on Estonia’s e-Residency program, visit our information page.

And as always – come say hi to the team at the Meet Estonia booth during Latitude59!

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