SINCE 2012

TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

Supporting Belarus and the Belarusian startup ecosystem: 10 pitches selected by Imaguru

Imaguru Startup Hub, the largest startup hub in Belarus and TechMinsk accelerator are on a mission to help Belarus founders open new opportunities and connect them to the global tech ecosystem.

The event will be moderated on-site by Will Cardwell (US/Fi), TechMinsk Ventures partner. Tania Marinich, Imaguru Startup Hub and TechMinsk founder will open the event with a welcome speech online.

10 promising Belarusian startups from Imaguru and TechMinsk community will pitch online. Please spread the word about talented, hardworking and fearless Belarus founders. 

Please meet: 


  1. CaerSidi – digitizing physical merchandise platform which helps bloggers generate extra revenues while increasing interactivity with their fan-base. 
  2. DealApp  – SaaS platform for phone calls and chats evaluation.
  3. Djinn Service a hardware device and a dashboard with analytics of the indoor air quality, GIS of outdoor air quality and meteorological parameters as well as information from personal health trackers.

  4. is an all-in-one platform (mobile and web application) that helps plan multi-destination trips around Europe, using flights and ground public transport. 
  5. Filmustage is an AI-based solution which helps film directors and producers as well as game screenplay writers analyze scenarios and create lists of additional tasks/provisions/people/resources (example, decoration, equipment, people, dresses) simple and fast. 
  6. MASTAK is a mobile application which helps people create design patterns on a mobile phone. 
  7. OpenBusiness is the ultimate web application for finding out exactly what your competitors are doing by using, visualizing and analyzing real-customer purchasing data. 
  8. PigPug – AI neurofeedback brain training platform or a set of a device and mobile applications for kids with ADHD and ASD. 
  9. SKINIVE is  a new AI-based mobile application designed specifically to help capture high-quality, standardized, and contextually rich images of skin conditions to enable the best possible remote care. 
  10. SVORT ( is a technically advanced admin platform which helps developers create an unbreakable and anonymous biometric face-id authentication for their apps in just a few clicks through. 


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