SINCE 2012

TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

Matchmaking powered by Karma, get a head start to L59.

Our networking app Talque is now up and running! Book a meeting during Latitude59 at matchmaking area powered by Additional meeting points presented by Practica Capital.

Networking with Talque:

  • With Talque you can interact with other participants, set up meetings, pre-book your sessions & schedule your personal agenda.
  • The Talque app is available as a desktop, mobile or phone application.
  • Enter the access code you’ve received by email and you will be automatically taken to the onboarding where you can enter specific profile information about yourself. You will only receive an invitation for Talque Networking App if your email has been assigned to a ticket.
  • Log in with your email address or Google/LinkedIn account, fill in your profile and start expanding your network already today.
  • Take care of your profile and add the most relevant info to get you matched with all the right people.
  • Once you fill out your profile information, the app suggests the most relevant people for you to meet based on your profile.
  • You can interact with other attendees by sending them messages, pictures, or arrange video calls via the Talque app. By adding people as friends you are able to create private groups.
  • Book 20 min meetings in Matchmaking area powered by or one of the Practica capital meeting points throughout the venue.
  • Enjoy having all your schedule in one place – Talque also allows to schedule modify your unique Latitude59 experience and keep track on everything taking place on and off stage. You can incorporate it into google calendar and make sure to turn on those notifications.

Giant conferences are cool until they’re not. Latitude59 is an intimate event with quality at its core. With more investors than startups, so you’re in heaven. And you can talk to anyone. Cosy does that.

If you don’t have a pass to Latitude59 there is still time to get one.

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