TransferWise Pitch Competition

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TransferWise Pitch Competition for Seed Stage Participants:

  • is the easiest 3D design app on mobile platforms and webs

  • Festivality Platform SaaS bringing festivals and events to mobile. Simultaneously building the most robust behavioral database of live events´ fans for promoters, artists and brands. 

  • WINNER! Funderful is fundraising software for universities ($40B industry) that turns nostalgia into donations without the annoyance of cold calls or guilt trips.

  • Nowescape Provide easy booking experience to those, who want to book reality games.

  • Tebo is a marketplace for education content. Teachers can find resources, such as slides, quizzes, worksheets for their classes or make money when sharing their own.

  • TriggMine builds a new layer of email automation, one that drives the effectiveness of email marketing and growing alongside the company’s revenue.

  • Welltrado provides benchmark for peer-to-peer lending industry.

  • WiDE is software which generates digital model of assistive device combining pre-defined digital design of the device and a 3D scan of patient.

TransferWise Pitch Competition to Early Stage startups on May 25:

  • Anylevel allows user to learn new language through his tweets, comments, likes and much more.
  • Bindwise is an eCommerce platform that helps online multichannel sellers automate key processes, reduce costs and grow their business.
  • CENOS revolutionizes R&D in industry unleashing power of open source software in engineering simulation.
  • Coffee Pixels (WINNER of Fukuoka Special Prize) is an innovative edible coffee bar, that provides a long-lasting energy boost, has exceptional nutrition value and minimal impact on the environment.
  • HackMotion  is smart clothing that tracks movements with motion sensors embedded in textile and provides real time software generated voice feedback in the headphones.
  • Nemu is a web application for company/organisation to monitor the sleep conditions of users.
  • Robotic Solutions turns existing machinery into robots.
  • TravelUnion provides businesses with an easily accessible platform for booking and managing all elements of business travel.
  • PassportEye enables free and instant ID document checks for all the citizens of the world.
  • PSII  (WINNER) or Personal Sensitive Identifiable Information, PSII is also the winner of Garage48 eGovernance Open Data hackathon.

The selected entrepreneurs will receive:

  • 2 Complimentary tickets to Latitude59.
  • Boot Camp including pitch training and business mentoring.
  • Pitching on stage.
  • Networking with investors.
  • Awesome prizes. Scroll below.

In addition Seed Stage startups will recieve:

  • Invitation to exclusive pre-event with investors & corporates.

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  • €1000 credit for legal services from Nordic law firm Hedman Partners for the winning team
  • Equity free €2000 for the winning team
  • Early stage TOP10 teams: •  Pro100k Plan + starter package with from Sendgrid


  • Equity free €10 000 by TransferWise for the winning team
  • € 2000 credit for legal services from Nordic law firm Hedman Partners for the winning team
  • 14 days free stay in Silicon Valley at StartupEmbassy + meeting arrangements supported by Enterprise Estonia Silicon Valley for the winning team
  • Exclusive invitation to CEE All Stars Demo Day* for the winning team from Startup Wise Guys
  • Growth Stage TOP10 teams:  € 3000 credit for Pro300k Plan + starter package with from Sendgrid

* For the first time, the most prominent startups hubs, accelerators and VCs from the Central and Eastern Europe come together to showcase portfolio companies that are fundraising. Event will take place on May 29-30 in Google Campus in Warsaw, Poland.

Special prize from Fukuoka for Asian market discovery:
  • Flight tickets to Japan
  • Financial aid for renting residential and office spaces for one year.

Why pitch in Estonia?


“Millions invested in Estonian startups after boom in the tech industry”


“Estonia is the place with big ideas and a big footprint in the world of technology. Entrepreneurs who plan to expand globally can take note from Estonia’s rapid success. In Estonia, thinking globally has become a national mindset.”

The Econimist:

“Estonian geeks developed the code behind Skype and Kazaa (an early file-sharing network). In 2007 it became the first country to allow online voting in a general election. It has among the world’s zippiest broadband speeds and holds the record for start-ups per person.”
NB! Startups! Either you'll be pitching or not, make sure to fill out your detailed startup profile at Startup Includer & join Laitude59 Deal Room. That's the only way investors can look at your detailed data.