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Estonia: The next tech talent hub you need on your radar

It ́s no news the global tech scene being a battleground for talent. Startups and tech companies constantly search for the brightest minds to fuel their next big venture. But how is Estonia, a small nation with a big ambition, raising its competitiveness in this race for talent?


Addressing the talent challenge

Estonia’s tech ecosystem is a powerhouse, and while our local talent pool is strong, it’s not limitless, and the demand for highly skilled professionals is rising. This trend is evident across diverse sectors, but projections indicate a shortfall of approximately 8000 ICT specialists over the next decade. The growing Estonian tech startup scene further emphasises this need. Poised to contribute up to 15% of the country’s GDP by 2025, this sector requires a significant influx of skilled international talent.

Similarly, the engineering industry anticipates a two-thirds deficit in engineers within the same timeframe. Despite Estonia’s robust education system, it currently meets only a third of the projected demand for future leaders and specialists in engineering, highlighting the need for additional solutions.

Diversity is the secret sauce

Latitude59’s panel discussion on “The Rise of Estonia’s Competitiveness in Talent Attraction” sought for insights on why Estonia’s tech companies need skilled talent from elsewhere, besides the obvious lack of numbers. But for a second, let’s explore the reason number 1 – diversity.

Estonian tech companies know that when their teams hail from different backgrounds and experiences, creativity explodes, blind spots vanish, and their startup transforms into an innovation engine. Moreover, inclusive environments foster higher employee engagement and satisfaction, driving overall performance and success. From biotechnology companies to IoT, team diversity has brought Estonia to the global scene.

Why Estonia beats the big leagues

We all know that Europe has multiple great destinations for talents seeking opportunities, but we also have something unique to offer:

– The unicorn factory: Estonia has the highest number of unicorns per capita in Europe. Our ecosystem nurtures innovation, and due to its small size, the ecosystem supports and holds together. And yes, meeting a potential investor over coffee is no joke.
– Work-life balance is our middle name: Estonia prioritizes a healthy balance between work and personal life. You can be a career-crushing rockstar while still having time to explore the stunning Estonian nature just 20 minutes from the city centre.
– Government as your partner: Are you tired of dealing with cumbersome bureaucracy? Well, you can forget about it in Estonia. The Work in Estonia programme and the International House of Estonia provide a one-stop-shop for newcomers looking to settle in Estonia while also connecting talent seekers and job searchers. The Estonian government is dedicated to simplifying visa applications and work permits through Startup Visa and Scale-up Visa, making it easier for foreign talent to join the Estonian tech scene.
– Investing in the whole family: Estonia goes beyond attracting talent – it helps them build a life here. The unique spouse program, for example, supports international spouses in re-inventing themselves professionally, fostering a sense of belonging and long-term commitment.

With a booming tech scene, a supportive government, and a commitment to fostering a diverse and thriving talent pool, Estonia offers strong competition. Read more about Estonia’s job scene and workforce predictions at Work in Estonia‘s website.


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