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TALLINN, EST: MAY 21-23, 2025

Meet Estonia at Latitude59: Muse of the digital forest

At this year’s Latitude59, Invest Estonia invites us on a fully digital journey into the wilderness of forEST, with the quest to meet the Muse – Estonia. See you at the Meet Estonia area at Latitude59 2023, or on a path through the digital forest!

Scene 1 – finding the Muse

Inspired by an idea of world-famous Estonian conductor Kristjan Järvi, we depart on a digital journey of self-discovery and creativity. Estonia as a Muse symbolizes the harmonious blend of nature and technology, it is an idea inspired by the unity and interconnectedness represented by the torsion field theory.

The core essence of the journey and its destination is adaptability and imagination. As a muse, Estonia transforms you in a way that resonates most with your individuality she guides, personalizing the experience of exploration, curiosity, and creativity. She bridges the gap between the organic world and the digital realm, merging tradition and innovation, the tangible and the intangible, reality and imagination.

You will be gently guided to a serene, digital Nordic forest where nature and technology coexist harmoniously. By combining organic textures and digital patterns, the Muse creates a captivating fairy-tale-like world providing a unique and immersive experience.

The forest is filled with elements such as guiding lights and geometricises, symbolizing Estonia’s role as a guide and her supportive nature. Her environment invites exploration, connection, and engagement, making it the perfect setting for Estonia, the digital Muse.

Scene 2 – planting the digital tree

As your thoughts drift, you suddenly feel that now is the time and this is the place. So suddenly, so unexpectedly, things get so real. You are standing at the edge of a forest with a shovel in your hand. It is finally time. Time to make an impact – plant a tree in the digital forest.

Where is this place? Is it the bog of Kakerdaja at sunrise, when you can see and feel the ripples in the early morning air? Is it the sound of swan wings whooshing through the Spring air on the nature trail at Kirna, a place where you are surrounded by the meadows and floodplain forest of the Pedja river? Is it the recurring great flood of Soomaa – the mythical fifth season of Estonia? Is it where the bustling city of Tallinn meets nature?

Or is it something completely different? Is it you firmly holding your smartphone in your hand, ready to make the leap into the digital forest?

The story just started. Estonia is your Muse for the future. Modern, helpful and mystical at once to make you desire the unprecedented and yearn to fulfill your dreams. To start your journey, visit the Meet Estonia area of Latitude59 to find your Muse. And be ready to take a path right into the digital forest by clicking right here.

The Digital Forest is run by Trade with Estonia, e-Residency, Startup Estonia, Work in Estonia, and Invest Estonia.


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