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Sven Slazenger

CEO & Co-founder

Sven Slazenger co-founded Interlake in 1997 and heads the company’s German operations in Potsdam. Sven holds a degree in communications research from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. In his role as Interlake’s CEO he is working as a digital change agent in the areas of MediaTech and cloud-based information transfer, helping customers in their digital transition in topics from e-learning to mixed reality. He’s also a member of the digital strategy board of the Minister President of the State of Brandenburg and a board member of the German federal association of service providers for the online industry (BDOA e.V.) and one of the driving forces behind the German MediaTech Hub in Potsdam. Sven is also a Co-Founder of Volucap, the first volumetric Studio in continental Europe to create walkable film. In his free time you can often spot him on his old boat on the lakes around Berlin or in little hotels and restaurants off the beaten track.


May 17, 2019

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