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Nazma Qurban

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Nazma started as Cognism’s first employee and sole salesperson. What she has accomplished over the last two years is downright impressive. Managing the entire sales process herself, Nazma is credited with overseeing a 600% revenue growth in 2018 year-to-date. And in just 18 months she has built out a client base consisting of over 200 companies. Aside from sheer determination, Nazma employs her own unique proven strategies around sales team building and execution.

Cognism provides a full suite of tools to accelerate the marketing and sales function. The Company helps to enrich CRM records and stream leads into the funnel using artificial intelligence. It also offers organizations a GDPR compliant means to prospect leads and enrich data. Nazma was included in the Top 5 UK SaaS Sales Leaders by Sales Confidence. She contributes to the SaaS community, participating in a number of mentoring programs and regularly gives of her time and knowledge through public speaking engagements and industry publications.

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