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Martin Ruubel

Tallinn, Estonia

Martin has 20 years of entrepreneurial, general management and customer development experience in technology-based early and growth stage B2B companies.

Martin is has been with Guardtime since 2007 and his business endeavors prior to Guardtime include Wicom Communications, a Finnish startup that created the world’s first Enterprise IP communications software suite (acquired by SAP AG in 2007) and Streamtainment Systems that invented an ultra low-latency a/v streaming technology for interactive TV applications.

He also served as CEO of NarTest, Raleigh-Durham based R&D company focusing on forensic applications for its proprietary fluorescence spectroscopy and neural networks technologies for rapid and conclusive illicit drug detection, working together with DEA, state courts and local law enforcement agencies.

Martin is currently also a First Director and Vice Chairman of the European Cybersecurity Organization (ECSO) uniting close to 200 members from the European industry and academia active in the cybersecurity field.


May 16, 2019

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