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Madle Lippus

Linnalabor / Estonian Urban Lab
Madle is a long time community activist and founding member of Uue Maailma Selts, one of the first and most notable neigbourhood association in Tallinn. Founded in 2007 Uue Maailma Selts has played a key role in changing public opinion about city planning and public space as a public matter. It also created a new understanding of the role of a citizen as an active creator in the city. Example of Uue Maailma Selts has inspired activists all over Estonia to create a whole new wave of neighborhood associations. Madle served as an adviser to the Estonian tech savvy president Toomas Hendrik Ilves in civil society matters during his second term (2011-2016). Madle is also a member of Estonian Urban Lab, an NGO acting as a testing ground for urban innovations, where she participates in several community projects.

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