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Kieren Niĉolas Lovell

Incident Management Specialist

LT CDR Kieren Nicolas Lovell RNorN RTD is a Cybersecurity and Communications specialist and the Head of the Computer Emergency Response Team at TalTech University. In this position, Kieren prevents, protects and investigates attacks on University information systems. In addition to this, he also conducts international OSINT and cybersecurity exercises with 20 universities across Europe, with military institutions, and with commercial companies.
Prior to this role, Kieren was Head of the Computer Emergency Response Team for the University of Cambridge. This IT network is the largest private digital network in Europe, covering over 65,000 users, and had some incredibly interesting challenges. He came to Cambridge after working in the Royal Norwegian Navy, as a Battlewatch Captain and Chief Information Security Officer for Standing NATO Maritime Group One, which at that time was deployed with five warships in the Gulf of Aden, providing intelligence and protecting shipping from the pirate threat and terrorist activities in the area.
He was also the lead instructor for the Frigate Weapon and later, the Cyber Defence Force, for the Royal Norwegian military in Command, Control and Communications skills and for OPSEC and COMSEC security training, and making sure units in Norway met the high standards of the Royal Navy Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST).
He was headhunted into the Royal Norwegian Navy from the Royal Navy. During his career in the Royal Navy, Kieren originally served on Nuclear Submarines, Mine warfare disposal ships, Frigates and aircraft careers.
During his military career, he managed to serve seven years out of thirteen on operations, worked in over 58 countries, and has sailed through all of the seven seas.
Whilst he in an operational and research role at TalTech, Kieren is still a lecturer at King’s and Pembroke College, University of Cambridge and for TalTech University in Incident Management and OSINT education. He is also an advisor for the Cambridge Science and Policy Group to Her Majesty's Cabinet Office and is also a director of his own security company in Estonia.


May 16, 2019

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