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Kam Mieczakowski

London, United Kingdom

Kamil co-founded his first startup while at university. It is still doing well today and is run by his old partners. Since then, before moving to venture he built another business and exited it for a small sum, and worked at a VC-backed startup, MarketInvoice, where he reported directly to the CEO, saw the business go through multiple rounds of financings, and grow from 20 to over 100 employees. It was a hell of a ride.

Prior to Notion, he spent 2 years at another London-based VC firm – Mosaic, where he had an opportunity to learn the basics of venture capital. As investor, he covers all of B2B tech, with a particular interest in ‘frontier tech’, including machine intelligence, IoT, AR/VR, decentralised systems, and infrastructure. He's excited, and inspired by the talent, and drive in the early stage startup ecosystems, and feel privileged by the opportunity to help founders realise their visions.


May 17, 2019

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