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David Stefanich

CEO & founder
Raleigh, NC

David Stefanich is CEO of Rymedi, which provides blockchain-based, trusted B2B data transmission infrastructure designed to meet the specialized regulatory and business needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Rymedi enables the collection of sensor and input data throughout the drug development, clinical, manufacturing and distribution chain to provide actionable, electronic information for end users: whether regulator audits, certificates of analysis, inventory tracking, internal process reports, Smart Data analytics, digital health or a multitude of emerging uses.

His ability to draw on enterprise digital technology, leadership and M&A experience have resulted in a track record of impactful transformations and process/platform innovations within the highly-regulated life sciences, finance, IoT and blockchain sectors. His passion is to create companies that deliver innovative growth drivers while creating positive global impact.


May 17, 2019

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