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Boguslawa (Bogy) Skowronski

Founder & Board Member
MIT Entrerprise Forum Poland

Bogy is an active technology startups facilitator, financier, engineer and entrepreneur with a 25 years of capital transactions experience from various funds and organisations. Including EBRD (London, Senior Banker), UBS AG (Zurich), as investment banker, FFC Fincoord Ltd - Zurich, Capital Solutions proAlfa (Warsaw), as corporate finance specialist and fund raiser, Nomad VC Fund (Warsaw) as a managing partner, member of the investment committee, Valuetech Seed VC Fund (Warsaw) as a founder, partner and management board member and MIT EF Poland technology accelerator as a co-founder and board member.

She has graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology as Bachelor of Science in Engineering and from Harvard Business School with a MBA.


May 16, 2019

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