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Ann Runnel

CEO & Founder
Reverse Resources

Ann Runnel is the founder and CEO of Reverse Resources, an award winning software company dedicated to upgrading waste materials to higher value resources to reduce the reliance on virgin resources. Her team is focusing on the material flows in global textile industry, running pilot projects in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and working in cooperation with some of the largest global fashion brands. Economist and systems thinker by her background she is driven by the question how circular economy solutions (like textile-to-textile recycling) could be turned profitable, economically viable and globally scalable while the industry in general is yet stuck in old linear patterns. She believes that the key to circular economy is not any more the question of inventing better recycling technologies, it's the question of changing information flows between market stakeholders - a fully IT challenge. Circular economy is the next internet that is about to change all rules of the game.


May 17, 2019

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