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Alain Bicqué

London, Edinburgh, Singapore

Alain Bicqué is the CEO of Detalytics, a human data analytics platform. Alain has well over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, especially with insurance products related to people. He was responsible for over 50 countries and has had extensive international exposure building global teams and setting up green field operations in various countries.
Being a strong believer in people risk management brought him together with Detalytics. This company has developed proprietary algorithms over the last 5 years through scientific R&D that can make people better understand what their body is telling them. There are numerous applications for these algorithms but at this moment Detalytics is focusing on task readiness, fatigue management (including jetlag management), mental health status, etc. of high profile “shift” workers such as healthcare personnel, pilots and cabin crew, Oil & Gas workers, air traffic controllers and C-level frequent travellers. The main principle, on which no compromises can be made, is that the data always belong to the individual self and only can be used to the advantage for the owner of the data.

Alain is responsible for the overall growth of the company with a focus on expanding its value proposition and the commercialisation of the fundamental research done over the years. The scientific approach is essential for Detalytics and it has set up cooperation agreements with several prestigious universities, especially in Scotland.


May 17, 2019

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