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Karma Academy for Founders: Sales as a Science

5/16/19, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM (EEST)
Grey Hall

Andy Farquharson is the Sales Architect/General Manager EMEA at Winning by Design - a premier provider of strategy consulting for SaaS sales, trusted by more than 300 international organizations in helping B2B SaaS companies to design scalable sales plans and execute with a customer-centric approach to sales. Andy will mainly elaborate on the growth strategies of high-velocity B2B sales organizations. He will provide a scientific framework for modern revenue leaders to understand and improve their entire system, shifting from what is called a superstar culture to a science culture in the process. Feel free to ask him about the latest tips, tools & tactics that may help improve your sales immediately.

The Karma Academy - powered by Karma Ventures - is the pit stop to world-class know how sessions for founders and top management seeking help and support in their businesses. The speakers have extensive experience and impressive backgrounds that will be beneficial for every entrepreneur seeking growth and success in their company. The goal of the Karma Academy sessions is to attract, engage and introduce founders to a global network that they can learn from and connect to.

In the past 3 years, Karma Ventures has had the opportunity to invest in 11 fast-growing startups in the pan-European space, as well as expanding their network worldwide. While attending multiple events, creating and maintaining meaningful relationships, Karma has attracted phenomenal people they have worked closely with and wanted to bring some of them together this year at Latitude59 under the event series presented as the Karma Academy.



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